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    Validity of Senior Railcard in NSE area

    The exception is very much the general rule, if considering the whole Network Card area. If your origin is more than roughly half an hour from the relevant London Terminal(s); then offpeak day fares normally become available on the first booked arrival after 1000. “0930 onwards” is very much...
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    CrossCountry HST Diagrams

    Dec 2020 was definitely the date for XC main route (HST) improvements. May 2020 was extra 170 utilisation on XC regional. May 2021 is extra 170 carriages. Based on the DfT Feb 2020 announcement which was discussed at the time...
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    TFL Rail - Reason for continued reduction in service in West (Paddington) compared to East (Liverpool Street)

    There’s a whole thread somewhere which has mainly been discussing the problems with Heathrow Branch signalling for 345s. It’s been running for years, but approval is supposed to be imminent:
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    All a bit random wasn't it. I think the chap posting it was trying to keep up with a bit of a moving target across various sources...
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    There was an earlier (now closed) thread trying to keep tabs of a list of all the various applications (suggestions?), but I’ve never seen detailed submissions of individual cases online...
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    Extended bridges which have seen very few trains

    Do any of these have anything to do with road widening or building schemes though, as per post #1
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    Reading to Paddington record

    It’s now more like 50 a day (both ways) in the current normal timetable, I don’t think they’ve all run yet, because gradually ramping up to the full IET patterns was still in progress before the recent COVID cut backs. But you can see the intentions on RTT if you select dates in the medium term...
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    Where was the Rillington Junction

    Or National Library of Scotland: There are more detailed maps suggesting earthworks (or a right of way) for a Scarborough facing junction were present at some time, but I...
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    Extended bridges which have seen very few trains

    I think just near Durham Park and Ride, the mothballed Leamside line got a bridge extended for road dualling. Near A1(M)/A690 junction at Belmont? I expect such work is fairly common and a pretty long list might be made...
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    Is this Railway Equipment

    Nothing springs to mind. Have you tried national library of Scotland side by side historic maps, eg: So hopefully you can position yourself fairly accurately on one of their...
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    Facts of E.M.R. 158889

    No idea sorry. I‘m in Southampton...
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    Facts of E.M.R. 158889

    The unit was permanently with EMR by the new SWR franchise start date. The SWR franchise agreement had already reduced their 158 fleet to 10 units, or 20 vehicles, it isn’t that recent a change.
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    Replacing the footbridge at Stockport

    Isn’t there a footbridge about 100m south of the platforms, where the track isn’t on an embankment, but in a walled cutting? All seems fairly reasonable to me - NR didn’t actually say “station” on the twitter link anyway (Unless it’s been edited?)
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    MML Electrification

    There is no intention to build a platform 2 as part of the scheme. I’m sure it’s been mentioned earlier in this thread.
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    Dawlish Sea Wall (Section Two) Proposals Unveiled by Network Rail.

    The continuous high level “promenade” along the sea wall past the station must be considered a good thing, with the new bridge over the colonnade section. Doesn’t that make the walkway available at all states of the tide? I‘m slightly surprised that they’re embedding access for all lifts into...