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    Forgotten post-Beeching station closures

    We have Barbara Castle to thank for the closure of the Swanage Line, after the publication of Network for Development Plans in 1967, the line did well to hang on until January 1972.
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    Basingstoke to Southampton Electrification

    You raise some good points, but it is a small scale scheme that is more for the FOC's. If they were doing the whole of the Waterloo to Weymouth Line then fine. True it may well be safer for the staff when walking on or near the line but then matters change against OLE when staff are working at...
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    Basingstoke to Southampton Electrification

    I understand they are quite complex loco's and lots of upgrades to the signalling/electrifcation were neccessary for their travel to Dollands Moor across the Kent Route. However the point I am making is would this be more cost effective than ripping out the exisiting DC and installing AC from...
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    Basingstoke to Southampton Electrification

    Good Link, I can see merit in what you are saying, as regards the MML but it just the hit of schemes in one go. Obviously if BR had not been so cash starved it might have achieved these schemes.
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    Basingstoke to Southampton Electrification

    I do believe it is unneccessary scheme, the only benefit will be for the freight traffic but if the third rail was upgraded they could use class 92's on the container trains which are currently languising at Crewe. How many XC services terminate/start at Southampton? I don't want to appear...
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    Routes that are standard class only where introduction of First could be attractive

    Guildford to Waterloo via Cobham services (Newliners) would benefit from First Class. Obviously that's not going to happen anytime soon with the Class 455 stock currently used on the route. Before the 455's were Introduced 4Vep's were the usual stock on the line and the first class was...
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    Disabled child refused travel with FGW

    The twenty four hour rule is to try & make travel as easy and seamless as possible for the person requiring assisted travel. Just over ten years ago I was a guard One day we rolled up to Camberley and a passenger in a wheelchair wished to travel to Ascot. The wheelchair ramp was chained and...
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    Crossing Keepers

    Crossing Keepers have to do the NWR 12 week residential signallers training course at Watford or Leeds. A lot but not all come in viewing it as an entry level job as the positions tend to be grade one. On the face of it seems easy but it is a proper safety critical role carrying responsibilty...
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    508212 to depart Eastleigh

    Although I cannot find a more specific instruction regarding the 73's (I imagine there could be one somewhere!) it probably is prudent to use two loco's as the class are infamous for overheating particularly if one loco is handling a heavy train. One example that springs to mind is when a 73 was...
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    508212 to depart Eastleigh

    The Sectional Appendix General Instructions South East (Kent, Sussex, & Wessex) states the following Class 73 electro-diesel locomotive working on diesel power When a train hauled by an electro-diesel locomotive is required to travel over a section of line where electric traction current...
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    Most Shameful Stock Withdrawal

    Waterloo International will eventually be used by South West Trains, although it would make sense for South Eastern to have been able to divert off the Chatham’s to relieve pressure on Victoria, it would have been like robbing Peter to pay Paul as SWT need additional platforms in the peaks. An...
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    Disabled sailor barred from train - This happened on the Isle of Wight
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    Station Toilets - Woking in particular

    I agree the loo situation at Woking is far from ideal, perhaps if you left via the town exit (Plt1) you could walk down to Chertsey Road & use the loo at KFC/Mcdonalds/Weatherspoons etc. Still I suppose on the station they don't charge unlike Guildford
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    Drought effects on steam excursions

    It doesnt matter whether you think it is a drought or not, as the EA, Water Companies etc will make the decision!
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    Drought effects on steam excursions

    South East Water are imposing restrictions from 05th April 2012 with regards to using a hosepipe I don't think it is fair to say Ralph has vested interests, he just responded well to your earlier post