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  • Hi,

    I'm a researcher at a television company and we're looking into interviewing a self-identifying train enthusiast on camera for a new programme that we're developing. The idea is that the show investigates modern ways of living, and how to survive in a world where we're all tasked with demanding, ever-extending, working hours and growing demands on our time.

    Our presenter has recently come to us and said that he thinks train enthusiasts can be sued as a great example of those with a hobby/lifestyle that is shunned by large sections of the public but that actually acts as an antidote to the modern chaos, and we'd love to have our presenter talk to a train enthusiast in person to demonstrate & explore this.

    Do get in touch if you'd like to take part or know anybody who we could contact, and I'm always available to answer any questions you may have.


    Owen Donovan
    07449 943192
    The quiet carriage isn't quieter?! I was lied to! I want a refund and compensation vouchers!
    That would be a better idea, you know it makes sense ;)

    Yeah, bit of a random find. For me the most surprising thing was seeing that they fitted airline seats to the Mark 2s, honestly never knew that that happened. I presume they were only ones to do so (VXC was all tables/seats of 4), but still a bit different!
    Thanks, I only put it in as a temporary space filler but it looks like it's the only thing I'll be winning. Hurrah for satisfaction from strangers online :lol:
    "I've only seen 3 Voyagers use the route through the station, and they were all on the same day (April 1st 2012), in about 6 visits to the station."
    That probably kind of was an April Fool's joke ;)
    (shame BB code isn't allowed, it's ruined the post)
    I did think that, but never say never. Bit strange that I've seen it twice in 4 days :P Anyway, I'll be down at EXD a smidge before 6 I reckon...
    43186 leading the 9:4x Penzance - pad today, just seen departing Exeter at 12:50. Not sure when it comes back, if it comes back down to Devon it won't be on the train we plan to do (15:30 PAD -PLYD). Next stop Taunton at around 13:20. Just thought I'd let you know :D
    I'm waiting to be told I've guessed your station correctly... :p
    I know right? :/
    Hopefully it will crop up again and maybe I'll get to ride it again before it gets scrapped (or has it already?)
    I've noticed you being lurked by 150128 and you're not alone, I have it with Metrolink 1011, which recently has managed to crop up in a GCSE Chemistry book :/
    At this precise moment I believe I need 111 to reach 10,000 :shock:
    I see that the Prince of Darkness now has 666 [non quiz] posts <D
    OK, I'll do that Taurus :)

    EDIT: it seems I am unable to find your email address without doing the survey again, I can be reached at tim.squires@gmx.com
    Hi Temple Meads, thank you for completing the survey.
    Is there any chance that you could email me (link provided in the questionnaire) if you'd like a copy of the summary report. Im planning to distribute this by email
    How many more times are you going to change your title and avatar? :p
    Now in theory. I can't commit to the voice call though because some idiot is playing some bass music on full blast and I can't hear other things very easily!

    If you can't get on any time soon [it says you're connected], this next week is Study Week so I have no lessons. Basically any day besides Monday is OK, as is Monday evening.
    I did; have installed it on my new laptop. I can't do it tonight though because my dad is coming and I only found out at 6pm :shock:
    Not to worry :) What I would recommend is that you use the "V"-like button next to the thread name for new posts in future as a precaution. We've all done it before now...
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