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  • HI!nice to meet you!you are right.Do you want to know more about china railway?Let s be friends!and i want to know more about your countries' railway!would that okay?
    Hello Sniper

    Thanks for replying about the Saltley Tales. My name is Isabel I am the daughter of Norman Beckett ex Saltleyman. I dont really understand how forums work and think i may be posting messages all over the place. I have just put up one message this morning explaining Dad is a bit isolated now that he cares for my mom who has alzhierms. He will love reading the messages posted about Saltley and I will try and help him to post some memories on the site.

    many thanks for your reply. I remember going Saltley Depot lots when i was a child and my first pet , a cat , came from there. I called him Paddington, you probably think that was after a station, but it was actually after the bear. best wishes isabel.
    Thanks Sniper,
    Very useful info. All went well and training up at the acadamy starts, for me, Aug 2nd.
    Best regards
    Hi Sniper,
    I hope you do not mind me making contact and really hope you can help. I see you have posted previous request for info on Virgin recruitment and wonder if you can give me some details on how your recruitment event was what test in what order... I would really appreciate any help you think may be useful for my 'onboard customer service' interviews that are this Tuesday
    Kind regards
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