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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    The Water Rail Way between Lincoln and Boston. Except for the middle section, is along the former railway line following the river Witham. It's a 65 mile round trip but a lovely ride. Further afield, I've been recommended (but not yet done) the Great Allegheny Passage, Pittsburgh to Cumberland...
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    EMR Class 170's

    Origin plan was for 11 x 3 car and 33 x 2 car, 99 carriages in total. May change depending on 171 cascade though. 5 x 3 car ex Scotrail, 23 x 2 car ex WMR, 6 x 3 car ex Southern, 10 x 2 car ex Southern.
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    Middlesbrough to Kings Cross Direct Service Planned for 2020

    1730 Kings Cross - Edinburgh does it every weekday (pre coronavirus timetable).
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    Now Reading...

    Just finished reading Douglas Murray's excellent Madness of Crowds. Would recommend it, a real insight in to a number of today's issues. Next up is The Diversity Delusion by Heather MacDonald. Got The New Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan after that.
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    Question about Class 158 and Class 170

    They didn't forget, it was a choice. The matter was raised at a staff forum day just after the first unit was back in service (170398 from memory but may be wrong). The thinking was that people didn't use them much and left the rubbish on tables for the cleaners etc. XC did look at the matter...
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    Question about Class 158 and Class 170

    The various internal doors on XCs 170s (/1, /3, /5 & /6) were removed when they were refurbished at Clacton around 2008/9. The various internal layouts were also standardised at the same time.
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    (sarcasm) May 1992?
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    Has anything been announced yet? Have I missed the announcement or is it on hold due to the coronavirus situation at the moment? Incidentally, rereading the thread originally started back in 2012 its bloody depressing how long it has dragged on for.
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    Did class 91s ever operate at 140mph in passenger service?

    There were 4 x 3hr59 services to begin with, 0600/1500 southbound, 0800/1500 northbound. 2 got dropped after only a year, 0800 northbound and 1500 southbound. The other 2 lasted a few years.
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    What's the fastest a failed HST has ever been dragged?

    From elsewhere on this forum. Probably not the fastest hey drag though...
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    Next Labour Leader - Confirmed as Keir Starmer

    I know the victory speech was pre recorded but Kier's speech didn't fill me with much confidence that he has what it takes to get Labour back towards credibility. Whilst I get that he's not the most charismatic of politicians, I wasn't expecting his speech to be so uninspiring and dull. I hope...
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    Ticket Routing Enquiry - Peterborough to Heathrow.

    Ive taken it from a post on wnxx about Kings Cross works. I'll be more than happy if the Peterborough-Horsham service is still operating through the core.
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    Ticket Routing Enquiry - Peterborough to Heathrow.

    Simple question, is an off peak return Peterborough to Heathrow Underground valid on any of the following routes? 1 - Via Cambridge and in to Liverpool Street. 2 - Via Leicester and in to St Pancras. 3 - From Corby and in to St Pancras (I can get a lift to Corby) Kings Cross is closed on the...
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    Greater Anglia PBoro to Ipswich service abandoned

    No doubt. Tonight's 1709 ex Ely dropped off about a dozen people.
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    Greater Anglia PBoro to Ipswich service abandoned

    There was only one lady all of yesterday afternoon/evening that turned up for a cancelled train. She walked back towards the village after being told no trains were stopping.