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    Interesting response from LM regarding lack of ticket buying opportunities

    I suspect its the only one that doesn't :wink: Was a Permit machine until about 2 years ago, when it got taken out and nothing has replaced it, coincidentally about the same time the ticket office seemed to start opening less and less. -- With regards to going to the 'other' entrance at...
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    Interesting response from LM regarding lack of ticket buying opportunities

    My dad recently fired off an email to London Midland, regarding a lack of opportunity to buy a ticket and the amount of revenue they are potentially losing through this. He highlighted the fact that even for those who are willing and ready to purchase a ticket to travel, there is often no...
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    Ticket office closed, no working ticket machines

    I've had to do this a few times when I haven't been able to pick tickets up at my origin or at the station I changed at. On both occasions the message from the guard was "We are meant to sell you a new ticket that you can get refunded when you collect your original tickets... But you'll be...
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    History of the Chase Line

    The latter is certainly true, although it's two separate services, whereas the early morning from Northampton and to Lime Street are a single service.
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    History of the Chase Line

    I think (one of) the last Reading to Birminghams each day goes 'round the houses' from Stetchford to New Street via Aston, Perry Barr and Soho...
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    History of the Chase Line

    Still a handful of peculiar services these days. Two early morning Northampton to Walsall services (using Desiros), one of which then forms a Walsall to Liverpool service at 0730
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    6-car on the Walsall line?

    Its been a 323 when I've caught it in the past, presumably the return of the 1947 from New Street which I was on as far as Tame Bridge and was a single 323. I know that a service was cancelled due to a train fault earlier in the evening, only thing I could think is maybe that unit was at...
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    6-car on the Walsall line?

    Currently stood at Hamstead waiting to go towards Walsall and the customer info display on the Birmingham bound platform is reporting the 2051 as being formed of 6 coaches. Never seen that before and don't think the stations, except Aston and Duddeston can accommodate 6. Anybody have any info...
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    HST Derby - Crewe, Saturday 28th January

    They probably could've done with a few extras in the morning as well, mind you. Probably wasn't helped by a broken down train at Longton early on, but I was on my way to Manchester from Stoke at 1030ish, and a rather large contingent of Stoke fans were greeted with a single car 153. There...
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    378s on AC at Euston

    As far as I'm aware, all of the platforms at Euston have overhead wires, if that's what you are getting at? It's just that the Overground platforms (9 & 10?) are the only ones with DC as well.
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    'Metro' Style rail operations-UK potential?

    Surely the Cross-City and Snow Hill lines through Birmingham can't be far off what you are getting at? They have a 10-minute frequency through the 'core' of the route (plus an extra few from some stations), with various extensions? If you mean that it would be a good idea to build on these...
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    NXEA almost leaving me stranded...

    Wow. Been away for a few days (a fairly simple Stoke-Liverpool, so no dramas :lol: ). Seems I've sparked quite the debate. I noticed quite a few suggestions that I should've left extra time to get across London. A few points a) How much extra time am I meant to leave? A few suggestions...
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    idling diesels (loco/D(E)EMUs)

    I think they shut down automatically after a while. About 18 months ago, me and a few mates spent the night roughing it at Nottingham station after a gig, and the various multiple units parked up there shutdown of their own accord after about 30 minutes... Before someone came and started them...
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    NXEA almost leaving me stranded...

    I don't think this was taken into consideration in their decision to say they couldn't do anything for me. They didn't give me a justification for not helping me, they just couldn't be bothered or didn't want to try and help me. Why not? I found his response to be absolutely unacceptable...
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    Birmingham evening peak restrictions

    A while ago I was meant to collect some tickets from Hamstead for a journey through New Street. Got to Hamstead to find a closed ticket office. In order to get to the TVMs to pick them up from New Street I had to pass through the gateline. I had the itinerary and confirmation ready to show to...