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    DOO: why in some places and not others

    Montpellier is curved. Clifton Down is curved. Sea Mills is curved. Shirehampton is curved. That's half the stations on the branch.
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    SWR - Trainee Driver Training. Anyone Been to Basingstoke?

    A quick journey enquiry puts it at a 5hr daily round trip. That's insane. Why don't SWR provide accommodation??!!
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    Abellio train driver salary

    The "max" it will be is 57k, that's the agreed salary for the role. It will go up each year, the amount depends on the paydeal the union agrees. Theoretically there's no maximum it could ever be. You also don't get your salary docked for incidents, if you remain a productive driver.
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    Training Centres, where?

    GWR have training centres at: Swindon, Bristol, Reading and Newton Abbot. In addition, they have sim centres at Reading, Bristol and Plymouth
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    Train driver allowed to use colour corrective lenses?

    Yep, got it in one. I can't say I disagree with it either. Incidentally, you can't hold any form of watchkeeping ticket as an officer or rating on commerical ships either. As again, accurately picking out coloured lights is safety critical
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    Train driver allowed to use colour corrective lenses?

    There is no way of knowing for sure. Still wouldn't feel safe
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    Train driver allowed to use colour corrective lenses?

    Laser surgery is only accepted by the military two years after having the procedure, partly due to the effects of it. And mainly to see if it has worked and remains corrective. You're getting yourself bogged down in two different things here. As has been stated upthread. Corrective...
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    Office based job - operational duties in emergencies

    Ultimately, as much as I agree with the strike-breaking sentiment, the contract you sign specifically says you must undertake other duties as required. And if your department isn't on strike, they can, and will, ask you to backfill those roles. If it is something you feel that strongly about...
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    Becoming a train driver

    Guards medicals are slightly less stringent (they don't do an ECG for example) but as with ALL safety critical roles, you can't have defective colour vision. For all roles, it's the Ishihara test
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    Train driver allowed to use colour corrective lenses?

    To the colour-blind poster who said they can tell what the signal state was from the aspect, how would you deal with LED signals that, for 3 aspect, show all of them in the same aperture? R, Y and G would all be in the same place.
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    GWR Paddington drivers

    Worcester I'm not sure, but it's probably like Gloucester. At Gloucester, they stable units in the yard, do their preps and reform the units for the next morning.
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    GWR Paddington drivers

    For this purpose it's still "nights" - it's an 0400 finish on certain days
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    GWR Paddington drivers

    Wouldn't be so sure that the Mano grade takes all of the nights. They don't at Reading, that's for sure.
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    GWR Paddington drivers

    No. Several haven't got many, some haven't got them in some links, but off hand, all depots, both HSS and GWR depots have nights Edit - I believe that actually, only Plymouth GWR currently doesn't have nights, but that's more than likely to change as the work moves over
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    GWR Paddington drivers

    Nights are busy at Bristol. SPM is where you'll do your nights and it's very busy. Frequently find there's not the 4booked night drivers either, which doesn't help