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    Railway Fare Avoidance Solicitor vs TIL/Chiltern

    The TV programme that showed TfL Revenue Protection at work certainly seemed to show the staff deriving great satisfaction when they caught someone they believed to be a repeat offender. Whilst the OP was undoubtedly upset at the attitude of the person who took their details (and they may have...
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    50 Years since Swanage branch closed

    Swanage Railway will face something of a paradox when it comes to marketing the railway once the Wareham trial service commences sometime in 2022 all being well. It needs to promote: 1. The diesel powered Wareham service / link on the days it operates (but nb only 4 times a day) AND 2. The...
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    British Rail appointed travel agents

    With the boom in foreign travel from the early 80s onwards (its debatable when the boom started) a new type of travel agent appeared on the high street: holiday shops eg Lunn Poly. These agents typically only sold package holidays and flights and didnt sell the full range of products for example...
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    CrossCountry weekend firsts

    How do you find out how much one is? Coincidentally I am travelling on Cross Country on the 22nd of January.
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    CrossCountry weekend firsts

    That is at odds with what the Cross Country website states: Please note that weekend upgrades are currently not available to purchase whilst on board. We hope to be able to reinstate this in the near future. Coronavirus Timetable Updates | CrossCountry ( To me the...
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    British Rail appointed travel agents

    1982 - 1989. Apart from the timetable we had fares manuals that took some getting used to because if a specific fare wasnt listed from say Bournemouth then it had to be "constructed" or in many cases the fares manual would tell you which station (fare) from bmth was the right one to use and any...
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    British Rail appointed travel agents

    The company I used to work for was a privately owned travel agency which was an appointed BR agent. The agency used to receive 7% commission on most products sold. To sell European Rail tickets a separate appointment was required and there were comparatively few european rail agents because it...
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    Ban on building level crossings

    When the A351 Road between Wareham and Corfe Castle was realigned (not sure exactly when 1980s?) and road access was created to the Wytch Farm Oilfield by BP, Dorset Council as part of the planning consent (for the oilfield) mandated that the Swanage Railway could not be cut off and that...
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    Trips by Bus and Coach: Your reports

    Spoke to a friend in Guernsey. Yes was the answer!
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    Express Bus Service - A Missing Gap?

    National Express in the late 70s and early -mid 80s operated Poole / Bmth - Southampton - London with two alternating routings: IIRC 720 service via Ringwood and 721 via Christchurch and Lyndhurst. The Ringwood routing was straight out onto the A338 and then A31 with the Ringwood Stop being a...
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Got one not 10 foot away from me. Havent used it for years though!
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    Brylaine to suspend Saturday services

    A very good question. I am not sure how "appealing" some of these factors are but for some possibly the routine nature of the work might suit, the meeting people, that with the decline of sunday services that sunday work may be infrequent. I really do not know but some of the parcel delivery...
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    Brylaine to suspend Saturday services

    Citing some of the issues being a PCV driver ("Heightened on-bus COVID responsibilities and passenger management", "stressful employment") is hardly likely to encourage new recruits. Surely far better to promote the benefits of being a PCV driver. Sadly at the end of the day it may be that the...
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    Memories of Yelloway coach services from the North West

    That is such a great pic of typical coach operations of the time. As I have referred to before, many passengers - particularly senior citizens - preferred to travel by coach if it meant avoiding a change en route* and liked that the fares were much cheaper than by rail. *The Cheltenham...
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    Northern Rail 2 Part Return Anomaly

    IMHO the hi-viz wearing staff are carrying out a check to ensure that the person is safe and well, not requiring any assistance and not contemplating any form of self harm. The ticket check is of a secondary purpose to check that the person has a ticket and thus both permitted and has a reason...