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    Most Depressing Stretch of Line on the Network

    Most depressing stretch for me relates to how it is now compated to how it was when I was a youngster. Grimsby Town to Cleethorpes. Pre-1990 - standard double track with full sizr trains (locomotive and coaches) operating daily Cleethorpes-London Now - single track between the old Garden Street...
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    Did I just meet Britain's dumbest rail passenger?

    Boarded a Cross Country northbound service at Birmingham New Street last week and a smartly dressed youngish guy comes and takes the aisle seat. Says nothing at all for around an hour and then he suddenly turns to me and complains about nobody coming to take him to his First Class seat...
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    Has anyone ever been "done" for not signing their railcard?

    I have heard it is more of an ID thing as the Senior Railcard does not require any photocard. If a Revenue Inspector doubts your eligibility for the card (youthful appearance possibly) he turns the card over, looks at the signature and holds onto the card as he/she asks you for a signature to...
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    Birmingham NS to Paris advice needed please. Never done Paris.

    10th August for four days. Birmingham New Street to Gare Nord. (Is Gare Nord close to the Eiffel Tower?) Best hotels closest to Eiffel Tower for four days. Which is the closest rail station to Eiffel Tower if Gare Nord is some way away? Thanks in advance for all responses.
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    Early morning through train Paddington-Greenford. No return journey.

    GWR service. 05:41 departure from London Paddington. Where does the unit go afterwards? 21:55 departure from Greenford to London Paddington. Where does the unit come from to operate this service? It is the last NR departure of the day from Greenford.
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    Northern's dark blue "Complimentary Travel Pass"

    If I am commencing my use of the Pass at Leeds am I able to get a Leeds PlusBus if I show the clerk the Pass with the intended date of travel etc already filled in. Secondly, is there any time restriction on the date of the return journey (2 Passes, both Returns)
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    Fixed penalty fare - when I could have shown my ticket on a laptop

    A Penalty Fare is issued when the rail official believes the passenger has made a genuine mistake. Your Penalty Fare was correctly issued and were I in your position, I would accept it was my own fault and move on. I cannot really imagine a rail employee checking tickets would even consider...
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    LNER first class lounges

    Rewards? What rewards? I only know about Nectar points
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    Trivia: Longest scheduled non-stop run on any National Rail service

    I thoroughly enjoy London King's Cross to York non-stop but is there a longer section of non-stop running?
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    Is Delay Repay unfair?

    What do you suggest as an alternative? You can't really criticise something without having something "better" in mind.
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    Confused over station layout - Birmingham New Street

    According to Realtime Trains my train goes from Platform 7M. I have looked at station maps and can only see A and B. Arriving at Birmingham Moor Street (from London) at 08:02 and my train goes from Birmingham New Street at 08:30. Final...
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    Journey Brighton-Bedford including 60+ Oyster.

    Paper ticket Brighton-East Croydon Oyster 60+ East Croydon-Elstree & Borehamwood Paper ticket Elstree & Borehamwood-Bedford Does the service need to call at Elstree & Borehamwood where ticket changeover happens?
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    TPE (?) Penalty Fares

    Can you define "barely usable"? How often do you find the ticket office closed between 06:00 and 19:45 Monday-Saturday and 08:45-17:30 Sunday. If you feel your concerns are genuine, TPE are easily contacted via Twitter
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    What type of train is the Class 801?

    I see it described in several places as an EMU but surely with the thing on the front being a locomotive, it is a locomotive + carriages. A DMU/EMU is a train with passengers able to sit immediately behind the driver's cab as on the Class 345.
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    Ticketing dispute: Sherlock Holmes still lives on the railway

    Sherlock Holmes is Hercule Poirot's descendant according to the OP. I don't think so. Holmes first appeared in print in 1887 while Poirot didn't appear until 1920 in the US and 1921 in the UK.