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  • Thank you mate I appreciate it. Looking it up now!

    Do you know if it involves any tests or is it just an interview based on the 8 skills ?
    Hi Tom

    I've been browsing through the forums for advice on a signaller grade 2 (Middlesbrough Crag Hall) job that I have an interview for next week. I've noticed you've been really helpful with hopefuls!

    I was just wondering if you have any advice on what I could expect or anything I need to brush up on as I would really like to progress!

    Thanks for any help and sorry for bothering you!
    Hi Tom,

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you directly. I saw from earlier posts that you offered to look over another members' CV for the signaller role.

    I've applied for a few positions and for some have been unsucessful at the application stage. I was wondering if you could look over my CV and share any thoughts on how to improve?

    Completely understand if you don't want to and appreciate you takin the time to read this post.

    Apologies for posting on here, I tried to PM you but my account won't let me!

    Many thanks
    I'm in London, which is a part of it.

    Try and have a look for where the new ROCs are going. There will be 16. York, Thames Valley, Rugby are 3 that spring to mind in the east/midlands
    Thats more like what I'm after. Happy to work for my money and while I'm still fit and able overtime until it comes out of my ears.
    So what region do you operate within? I'm hoping to stay within the East Midlands but flexible for right job.
    Hello chap, just replying to your message...I'd rather not go into too much detail in public (anyone can see these), but I'll happily chat further by PM (when the forum will let you) or email if you prefer! In general though, it's important to go in there well prepared, with a good understanding of what the job involves (but don't try to read the Rule Book!) and the responsibilities that go with it. Following rules and procedures, dealing with shiftwork and being able to get to work in all weather, maintaining concentration when it's quiet, working well under pressure...they're all important themes. It's a gatebox rather than a block post, which will certainly make things easier...but I'd guess that the interview will be along similar lines.
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