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    Was the InterCity Express Programme (IEP) a success or not?

    As a regular GWR passenger, I’ve found the new stock to be better overall but not without their annoyances. I found the airline seats of the HST were a little claustrophobic due to the high seat back in front of me. The new Class 800s feel more open, even if the seats themselves are less...
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    Your favourite hybrid / combos / unusual mixed formations

    An odd combo I saw many years ago at Exeter St Davids was a FGW 150/2 pull in with a SWT 159 on the back. I can only assume it was a recovery or rescue.
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    Trivia: Stations with surviving run-around loops?

    Cholsey platform 5 has one for the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway. while the line is completely separate to the main line, the station is National Rail, so might count!
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    Switching from Electric to Diesel / or from Overhead to third Rail

    Your phone charger may have also tripped off as the train went through any of the neutral sections. This certainly happens on the GWR Class 387s near Maidenhead.
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    Great Northern 313 Withdrawals

    Here are two poor quality pics I took when I went past Didcot yesterday. They were still there around 5pm when I went back too.
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    Great Northern 313 Withdrawals

    I’ve just departed Didcot and see they’re still there.
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    Scheduled Intercity Coaches ran by Independants

    Not sure if it counts but Swanbrook run the 853 between Oxford and Cheltenham with coaches.
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Hi all, Does anyone know which unit is running on tonight’s (3rd Jan) 1C89 16:33 Paddington to Exeter St Davids service? Thanks
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    Rovers and Rangers not available through Ticket On Departure (TOD)

    If I recall, it did say something like ‘from Victoria’ to ‘any southern station’ or something like that. It had the validity date in the centre of the ticket (like a travel card / season) and even had the LU roundel in the corner.
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    Rovers and Rangers not available through Ticket On Departure (TOD)

    Certainly Southern DaySaves can be collected TOD, as I collected one in this manner only last weekend.
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    Impending closure of the Paddington to South Ruislip direct route

    I was wondering that myself, as I saw a three car Chiltern 165 in the West Ealing bay platform yesterday morning. I wonder whether that was due to the disruption around Hanwell though.
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    Class 87 on the GWML

    Cracking pic
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    Class 87 on the GWML

    So I wasn’t going mad!! I did have a tough day at work so was wondering. I’m at Didcot now so try and get somewhere close by to see it pass.