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    TOC Branding

    Branding is very government issue and it'll all be known as Transport for Wales, rather than Transport for Wales Rail Services. So when the trams and buses get properly started, it'll all be one big, TfW branded family. I'd say it's a good thing the government have their name plastered on the...
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    Storm Francis disruption 25/8 - 26/8

    The Cambrian from Criccieth up is closed for high seas, Aberdare to Mountain Ash is underwater, and there's a few trees down across Cymru. On the positive side, the wind turbine outside my house is earning it's keep
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    Odd service

    Cheers guys!!
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    Odd service

    Does anyone know what this would have been please? Assuming a NR test train of some sort but never seen one make such a strangely routed journey.
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    Stonehaven derailment

    Sky news using an online forum as a source, words fail.
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

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    Heart of Wales Line closed until August 3rd

    Unsafe timbers on the bridge over the Afon Llwchwr and it'll take around eight weeks for the new bits to arrive.
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    Transport for Wales smartcard

    Yep, the following lines have weekly and monthly tickets enabled. Annual tickets coming from the end of June and some nice back end stuff later in the year. A few teething problems but I think it's been quite good overall Milford Haven, Pembroke Dock, and Fishguard through to Cheltenham Spa and...
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    GWR Castle HST diagrams

    Don't know what it'll be on the 6th, but it was a 158 the last two Saturdays
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    5Z50 Etches Park - Neville Hill 43059+NL03+43081 5Z51 Neville Hill - Etches Park 43307+NL12+43257
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    It was 390009
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    Progress of delivery of cascaded/refurbished/PRM modified stock to TFW/Wales and Borders

    July/August they're expected to go in. Shouldn't be out of action for too long if it's a new coast of paint and seat covers
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    Antennas stuck to the back of trains

    That's the one! Cheers. Was going spare trying to search for it
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    Antennas stuck to the back of trains

    Hello, I can remember a couple of years ago there was some system of antennas stuck on the back of a class 150 or 70, possibly for some sort of measurement work on behalf of Network Rail. If anyone remembers this, would you have any photos of them or know what they do please? Cheers, Tom
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    GWR sleeper berth supplements

    Room sharing doesn't take place, or at least it didn't when I went. I'm pretty sure it's £45 per person, and it would only be sold if two travel tickets are bought/presented. The only way you could share a room with a stranger is if you buy their ticket and book a double room.