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  • I had for a while as I wasnt getting anywhere, so I concentrated on getting more direct customer service experiance. Fingers crossed this has worked. I have applications in for Northern and FTPE at the moment. I had a car crash which delayed things for a while as well.
    yes your absolutely right, I have a habit of thinking too far ahead and I'm letting the excitement get the better of me. Thanks for that info :) hopefully I'll be on touch soon with good news
    Wow Dave thanks for that :) you certainly know your stuff. The more details I learn the better, I'm becoming utterly obsessed with the thought of getting stuck in; and I'm quietly confident about the interview having had some guidance from my stepdad on the sort of thing they might be looking for :) I thought this would be a great entry level into the world of signaling and railway infrastructure. Do you think it's likely that in December when the site closes I might be able to get another vacancy internally? And thanks for your help Dave :)

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