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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    The short red line east of Inverness is almost certainly to allow ac electric loco-hauled freight trains to get to/from Norbord at Dalcross and not related to any passenger service. There is a sentence in the report stating that their aim is to allow freight to be electric-hauled and that is the...
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    Werrington grade separation approved

    How, when and why did a burrowing junction become a dive-under?
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    If there was a time when Tomintoul might have had a railway then it would have been in the 1860s-there was iron ore fever in them thar hills (the Ladder Hills to be exact) but neither the lairds nor the railway companies wanted to make the first move. A trial shipment of iron ore was carted...
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    Heritage lines with an industrial theme/fleet

    Don't forget the Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway in West London
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    Will the Caledonian sleeper be axed during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis?

    Then should you be including it as part of a quoted text when it is not correct?
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    Will the Caledonian sleeper be axed during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis?

    Well maybe it is more that people from London who will be more disappointed as they will not be able to escape to their hunting lodges ;)
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    Will the Caledonian sleeper be axed during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis?

    The risk of spreading or contracting the virus must be much higher travelling in an open railway coach than in a sleeper compartment-obviously one must also keep to that compartment and not walk around. What you do after arriving in London is a different question. BTW how did my original...
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    Will the Caledonian sleeper be axed during the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis? CS have suspended services to Aberdeen and Fort William so there will be a lot of disappointed people in the West Highlands. They are running a single train from Glasgow and from Inverness which join/split at...
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    TRIVIA: Railway Crossings with unusual names!

    How about Waterybutts West and Walnut Grove between Dundee and Perth? Heads of Locheil and Salmon Path between Ft William and Mallaig?
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    different cross-sections of wooden sleepers

    I've seen concrete sleepers that have a rounded profile like that but not wooden ones that I can remember.
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    Trivia: What is the shortest heritage railway by length?

    I suggest the railway at Saughtree station on the former Border Counties Railway. It is probably less than two hundred yards long; this photo shows most of it I think
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    Aberdeen - Inverness £170m Upgrade

    A really good photo of the new junction where the double track just north of Hutcheon Street starts is here As far as designs for new stations is concerned it depends to some extent on the topography and ground conditions. In these days of competitive...
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    Water supplies for preserved steam locos

    I like the idea of using spring water but, of course, there is no guarantee it is any more suitable for use in a boiler than tap water. Any railway take water from watercourses, lakes or canals?
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    Water supplies for preserved steam locos

    Where do heritage railways get their water to supply their steam locos? I have seen from photos various ways of getting water including hosepipes, fire engine pumps and water tankers road or rail. Do any of the preserved railways use water from wells at stations or sheds?
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    Through the curtain - the cold war years

    I travelled to Poland to visit relatives in both 1962 and again in 1972 on the Ost-vest train from Ostend. We lived in north east Scotland so we had to take a sleeper to London first then the boat train to Dover ferry to Ostend and finally the Moscow train. I was only a toddler when my mother...