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    How busy have your trains been?

    Did Doncaster-Sheffield and back yesterday, looked fairly quiet down the front on the TPE (I was towards the rear of the train, and on my own in the carriage). Not busy at Sheffield, maybe 3/4 in the carriage, but another 8/9 got on at Meadowhall (this was mid-afternoon though).
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    Weird train-related dreams

    I was at "Lympney" station, seemingly in the early days of railways, it was a two platform thing on a bit of a curve and a freight train derailed. The train got hit by a train going in the other direction, and shortly afterwards a light engine (a green 0-6-0 steam engine) ran into the back of...
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    What direct 'covid-19 experiences' have you had/not had

    Had the first Oxford Jab last week, only side-effects were a sore arm (lasted from Sunday-Wednesday) and several friends telling me I'd feel awful the day after :rolleyes:
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    Vaccine side effects?

    Had mine yesterday, the Oxford jab, was alright until this morning when I had some soreness around where I'd had the injection. Have edited this slightly as I did mention a couple of things - a slight sore throat, feeling a bit sick first thing, and not feeling 100% - but on reflection they...
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    What Bits of Pandemic Life will you Continue with when all Restrictions are lifted?

    More working from home, had a bad 4 months travelling by train at the end of 2019 (a couple of lines flooding, plus other general delays, think I was making £30-£40 a month in delay repay between October and December), things had improved at the start of 2020 but I was near the point where I was...
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    Supermarket Update

    Just been to Morrisons, haven't been since last Monday but there were a few changes: 1) The separate entrance/exit system has gone, though as this isn't highlighted anywhere everyone's still using the one entrance. Saw a few people other than myself hesitating before using it to exit. 2) A lot...
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    Now Playing....

    There's no finer way to spend Easter Sunday than sitting in your back garden listening to Life Metal by Sunn 0)))
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    Branding that sticks in your mind?

    Can remember seeing this at Lincoln up until fairly recently (haven't been since late 2019, think it's gone now), certainly within the last 10 years
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    Supermarket Self Service Tills

    Sainsbury's still take cash, I usually use card at the moment but I've used them to get smaller change from £20 notes a couple of times Morrisons have improved in the pandemic, the other issue with them beforehand was that when they had an issue it often coincided with the member of staff...
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    Irritating neighbours

    On one side they're so quiet you'd not think they were there, on the other side next door moved in last year and are usually quiet too - apart from some redecorating when they moved in, a bit of work in the garden in the last few weeks, and some parties in the back yard last summer (in fairness...
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    Supermarket Update

    These are all in/around Doncaster; Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl are the ones to the north of town, the Asda is at the south end, the rest are in the town centre. The big Tesco's aren't included as I've not been in/past them this year. The situation recently has been: Morrisons; One way in/one way...
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    Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
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    Vaccine side effects?

    I've got mine next Saturday, so I'll see what happens. Most people I know outside work haven't mentioned side-effects, the ones that have just had the feeling a bit off the day after, although at least one of these might have been due to post-vaccine beers. Someone at work joked that we've had...
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    2021 New track coverage

    I went for a bike ride a few weeks ago up to what used to be Thorpe Marsh power station, there's still a bit of line there with a decade or so of tree growing between in, but it's the first time I've been near it, does that count? :s Haven't been on a train since last October, there's plenty...
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    Cathal Coughlan - Song of Co. Aklan