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    Edinburgh to Glasgow Groupsave?

    So it's £25 for 3 folk? Cheers
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    Edinburgh to Glasgow Groupsave?

    Does this still exists for purchase at ticket office on day of travel? 6 of us going for a day trip, not showing up online but I've heard of them many moons ago...
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    Any ways to reduce Edinburgh-Glasgow fares?

    Sadly I have no more of the £1 tickets, my girlfriend lives in Edinburgh and I live in Glasgow so it has been very useful. However I'm going to be moving through there in 6 weeks, so my question is, I have 3 more return trips Glasgow to Edinburgh (going peak evening and returning peak morning)...
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    Scotrail Franchise - Abellio

    What I would love them to do is to sell returns Glasgow to Edinburgh with the return valid for a period of time, I always use the bus because of this, £11 return vs 2 singles at Christ knows how much these days.
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    Scotrail Franchise - Abellio

    What is heading onto the Neilston/Newton/Cathcart routes when the 314's go out to pasture and when is this excpected to happen?
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    Appreciate the responses, I know more than most when it comes to trains, split tickets, advances, etc but routing guides and the like I ain't got a clue. I'm presuming that if there is any dispute on the Edinburgh - Inverness leg the guard will be able to check and confirm what you're saying?
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    Thanks, just to clarify by repeating a question... With an Anytime Return I can get on at Glasgow QS Friday 10th evening (I'll go after the evening peak) to travel to Edinburgh. Break overnight, travel Edinburgh to Inverness Saturday 11th and then return Inverness to Glasgow on afternoon of...
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    Sorry should've specified not wanting to leave Edinburgh until early afternoon. I can get on at Glasgow QS Friday 10th evening (I'll go after the evening peak) to travel to Edinburgh. Break overnight, travel Edinburgh to Inverness Saturday 11th and then return INverness to Glasgow on...
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    Alternatively can I use an Anytime Return Glasgow - Inverness that costs £62.80 to do the following 10 Oct: Glasgow - Edinburgh 11 Oct: Edinburgh - Inverness 13 Oct: Inverness - Glasgow Those 3 journeys by bus are about £25, I can justify £62 to make it train, especially to miss the Friday...
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    Edinburgh - Inverness - Glasgow

    I want to get from Edinburgh to Inverness on 11 Oct and then Inverness to Glasgow on 13 Oct. All cheap advances gone. If I buy an off peak return Edinburgh - Inverness will that work, so on 13th travelling from 'Inverness to Edinburgh via Glasgow' and just breakng journey at Queen St and never...
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    Glasgow - Winchester

    Not going until August but trying to gauge a price for this for a potential festival visit. Going down Thursday and back on Monday, leaving Glasgow morning 8:00-10:00, returning from Winchester around 12:00. Might also want to go Wednesday Glasgow - London, Thursday London - Winchester and...
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    Scotrail franchise 2014: Main ITT released.

    Interesting thread, who is trying to harm Stranrar and why? What's the politics?
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    Scottish Independence White Paper - Railways

    English people are so misinformed about Scottih independence, funny but sad.
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    Largest cities without a metro system

    How come so many cities in Western Europe have modern efficient large tram networks and most in the UK have none or very small ones?
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    Why Are We Always In A Hurry?

    In a hurry generally: too many people are stressed and terrified of falling behind in the rat race always trying to keep up with the Jones'. Wanting faster trains: Train travel isn't something romantic and to be enjoyed the majority of the time, it's a pretty sterile functional experience...