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    Pathfinder Tours Railtour Programme 2022

    New and rather interesting tour appeared for the 29th October: 2x WCRC 37s are the traction.
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    Southern Class 455 Withdrawal

    They have to run the Loco round and barriers to propel the first unit in, split the two, and then propel the 2nd unit into the adjacent road. This occurs in the run round loop just outside of SIMS.
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    Intercity Fridays Only to/from Euston

    Ah, as thought it's £75 each way. Booked Euston - Stafford on the 9th of September. By the looks of it it's a "grab any seat" style as no reservations are provided - odd as I doubt there will be any walk up fares, it'll all be paid for in advance.
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    WMTrains livery and station branding

    Correct, just had 101 with 172005 working 1M66, 1239 Hereford - New St.
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    The worst train today?

    Try Hereford to New Street - of which 3 out of 4 diagrams are now worked by Class 172s in place of Class 170s heading off to pastures new, whilst awaiting the 196s to arrive. For an hour and a half journey you would at least wish for a table of some kind, and a semi - comfortable seat, and using...
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    158950 on hire to TfW

    Noticed this morning that GWRs 158950 is working with TfW today, with 150257 and 150240 (TfW units paired with it) . Is this due to the strikes allowing the unit to boost capacity on TfW? Currently working 1F51 from Swansea to Cardiff Central.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    14th July
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    6003 and 6018 are also scrapped as far as I know.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    Picture sent to me by a friend of Newport Docks today I believe, not a pretty sight. Several 456s and what looks like ex LNWR 319 carriages in their final moments, with 2 Southern 455s awaiting their date with destruction.
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    WMTrains livery and station branding

    Excellent! Odd how the yellow continues under the windscreen unlike on the /0s. I shall be visiting Tyseley depot later today so I shall see if there are any more undergoing the same treatment. Edit: 172102 currently undergoing transformation. Each unit takes round 4 days to complete so should...
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    UK Railtours "Class 56 Farewell" - 17/09/22

    UK Railtours have just announced a farewell tour for the GBRf Class 56s before they are re-engineered into Class 69s, on Saturday 17th September. Class 66 Hauled to Leicester from Finsbury Park before the 56 takes over, and then via...
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    Class 93 Tri-mode Loco

    Mercury - heyyyyyyyyyyyyy o - Freddie Mercury's calling card!
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    WMTrains livery and station branding

    Are there any photographs?
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals/2021 refurbishment

    Perhaps a request by Eversholt to strip them to provide parts for the LNER fleet, which I suppose is cheaper than ordering in new spares providing they arent already knackered. I also believe they use a traditional gas axe on them compared to the excavators as its a bit much for them to handle.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    Watching videos of the road movements would suggest Reids, not Alleleys, having the haulage contract. Photos seem to show 456018, although only coach 64752. Again, it looks as if its been stripped.