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    Yep... it's back!

    If only it was, instead of commissioners, producers and psychologists having their fingers in the pie, then we might get some real telly. Glad I'm off to work almost...
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    Out of kilter

    The quick answer is the systems employed cannot support it, since the batch runs of DD's and the like are driven by 'debit/credit on day n' cycles that don't change unless someone inputs it into the system. What could get around the problem at the bank's end is employing some kind of batch...
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    Steve McLaren Gets England Job

    Was the REAL 'obvious choice' given his current involvement with the England set-up, but I think Eriksson and Grip are prats. Theo Walcott, WTF's that about? Geezer is good (saw him in the 04/05 season FA Youth Cup Semi-Final (may have been the quarters, have forgotten now), but compared to the...
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    Trouble at the Top (A GNER special)

    Nice mocks there - one slight flaw with the first, whilst you have used GNER's 'corporate' typeface differentiating the N and E from the G and R, the BBC would never do that. Apart from that, good work I'll have to start work on some Thames'link' ones! On copyright, it is 'fair use' -...
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    9/11 Proven wrong

    Spot on, but remember 9/11 was before Sarbanes-Oxley regulations (which are more strict on data retention, at least in the States IIRC), so off-siting may not have been as prevalent then as it is now. As for the video, I haven't seen the one posted but I assume it supports the 'controlled...
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    F1 Pizza Hut Advert

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    Anybody seen Feltham2104 again?

    My best mate was one of the first connected to broadband, living in a central London exchange area which was a large-scale trialist site. I myself first got it in November 2000, when my exchange rolled out BB. I make TB spot on with his guesstimate when broadband first became available widely...
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    FA Cup

    [Note to mods: Feel free to kill this thread if you want] Just call me Mystic Meg... let's hope the final part of this prediction comes true! ;D #She wore a claret ribbon in the month of May...
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    What are you listening to?

    Bootylicious by whoever thanks to this lil' nugget... Permission to drag up the FA Cup thread and remind you all how I was right!
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    Why you shouldn't litter...

    That is truly funny, but deadly serious for a sec I don't particularly like having to dodge still-lit fag ends thrown out of passenger/driver side windows virtually next to me in the other lane... makes you wonder what kind of planet these people are on.
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    GCSE Science Module Tests

    I'd have thought precisely the opposite - because the degree knowledge is pretty fresh in the mind, they should still be able to answer the more advanced of questions. As for not keeping their knowledge and skills up to date, as you're probably aware I'm doing a computing BSc at the moment, it...
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    GCSE Science Module Tests

    When have paper planes ever been out of fashion? Unsure if my 1995 record of approx. 200 feet from the second floor of my old school has been beaten yet, mind (3/4 length of the central atrium thingybob that was my school's centrepiece - the delights of new-build). As for the issue of...
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    FA Cup

    Hahaha, Fat Sam's hoofers' eleven under the lights at the Boleyn? *looks for cuckoo emoticon* Not a hope in hell, the players are gagging for a win, the fans are gagging for a win, we're on an eight-match unbeaten run after keeping a clean sheet at the Reebok Stadium O'****e, would be typical...
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    Internet Explorer 7 BETA

    I think I've read The Gricer's wise words before about being quick to slag off M$ - whilst I like Linux (in fact I even like OS/2 compared to Bindoze XP but for my future career direction I think I'm going to learn fast that Wintel is the daddy after all, save for UNIX servers), I have little...
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    *If you're an Arsenal fan - look away now* Sol Campbell has just been spotted leaving Toys R Us - he was there for 45 minutes giving games away. I'm going down the pub after work for a 'Sol Campbell' - swift half and then I'm off home!