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    Difficulty booking Night Riviera berths for May

    Ah yes...I forgot the bank holiday is on Friday this year. I'll try telesales tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Difficulty booking Night Riviera berths for May

    I'm trying to book on GWR for twin berths for the Night Riviera from Paddington on 7 May. It seems you can book seats but trying to book a cabin gives a "technical fault", or goes straight to seat reservations Am I doing something wrong?
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    Omio questions (ticket delivery, booking fees & cashback)

    The cashback rates for Omio follow a pattern on Topcashback and Quidco. One of those two cashback sites will offer a higher rate (between 15-20%) while the other will offer around 5%. That will last for a week and then they swap round with the other site giving the higher rate. For the last...
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    Special Offers Discussion

    But the Topcashback guarantee only applies if the higher rate, whether on Quidco or Topcashback, was available at the time of the original transaction. Unfortunately subsequent better rates don't seem to apply as specified here: "The higher rate of cashback must be offered at the same time as...
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    Special Offers Discussion

    I've been using them several times a week for some time buying journeys to work and would say 95% of purchases track and pay without problems. The others have been paid having submitted claims to Topcashback / Quidco. The downside is their rather clunky website/app, no option to create a...
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    Special Offers Discussion

    I have seen 25% cashback being offered for Omio by Perksatwork (a staff benefits scheme that some employers sign up to). That lasted for 2 or 3 weeks and I recall a few days when Topcashback or Quidco briefly went that high too but it's usually 20% max for them now. However, as rnentioned...
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    Rail Europe and Omio mobile ticket delivery question

    When I got an eTicket from Omio it was downloadable / printable with no need for an app.
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    Omio: 15% cashback but don't want eticket

    I did get an eTicket once from Omio for a Thameslink journey. Every time since though their site tells me I am booking an eTicket but gives me a TOD code to pick up a paper ticket. The time I did use the eTicket I found the system seemed completely unprepared for this advance in technology...
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    Special Offers Discussion

    When the cashback rates change for Omio at the beginning of the week they seem to be higher for a short while before dropping slightly (although still generous),so it might be 20% on Sunday night and then drop to 15% by Monday afternoon and stay at that rate until the end of the week. If...
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    5% cashback on all fares booked on Chiltern Railways website via TopCashback

    A few years ago I did get cashback when buying the Ryde season ticket in order to get a Gold Card. But that was from Southern in the pre-GTR era and only for a £125 sale so it probably slipped through. Incidentally, Omio are doing 20% cashback today on Topcashback, only slightly short of their...
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    St Albans to Putney Contactless fares

    With the introduction of TFL contactless fares from St Albans there is a large saving to be had now that Off Peak single fares are available for the first time on many routes. A Thameslink priced Anytime single from St Albans to Putney (via West Hampstead and London Overground and avoiding...
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    Virgin Delay Repay query

    Thanks. The online form is not that clear. It also doesn't specify whether the delay in minutes for each leg should be entered for just that section, or the accumulated delay up to that point for the total journey. I went for the latter which then shows the total delay at the final...
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    Virgin Delay Repay query

    According to Merseyrail services were running as normal between Bache and Chester in the morning, of 26th, confirming your point that it was Virgin at fault. The 07.17 and 08.35 from Chester to Euston are shown as cancelled (although as you suspected the 07.17 DID start...
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    Virgin Delay Repay query

    I'm submitting a delay claim to Virgin for a Manchester Piccadilly to St Albans Abbey advance which involved changing at Milton Keynes and Watford Junction. The first leg from Manchester was delayed over 60 minutes anyway but the online form also wants details of the second and third legs and...
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    Thameslink e-tickets

    I did manage to buy an e-ticket from the Omio site with an origin of St Albans. When I arrived at the unattended gateline at the Platform 4 entrance I realised there were no readers. After walking round to the main entrance I managed to get a reader to work after being directed to a specific...