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  • Hi tsr,

    I have never used this forum before so I hope this way of contacting you is OK! I am interested in the warehouse/factory which can be seen from Madeira Walk in Reigate. I live really close and have only just spotted it. On doing some internet research I found your thread from 2011 about the siding/factory.

    I wondered whether you had found any more information/pictures about what the factory had been used for or anything general?

    My email address is Steph.rueff@googlemail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes
    Hi tsr,
    Thank you very much for offering to help out. The fact that your journeys are irregular doesn't make a difference it is just that you use it fairly often and therefore know the system. I have booked a trip down to London 16-20th October, and am looking to book another trip down towards the end of November 20-24th. I will be willing to meet you at any point during these dates.

    I will conduct a 'Go-along Interviews' where I will accompany you on a tube journey, asking you how you feel in relation to security features and other passengers. I will also ask whether the presence of armed police or the military in stations (as seen in other nations) would make you feel safer.
    I am not sure whether this message is private or public on your profile so I wont provide an email address yet.

    Do you have any more questions. I will be happy to provide a more detailed description of the project.

    Thank you

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