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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    Sounds like the sort of delightful place which has no grounds to have the public anywhere near it. The police are probably doing no worse than manufacturers who make shower gel and cleaning products taste deliberately nasty to avoid kids drinking them.
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    Trivia: trains which divide into more than two sections

    There have also been some particularly stupid workings (in more recent memory) where a train would divide at Haywards Heath for Eastbourne, Hastings and Littlehampton. The combined Eastbourne & Hastings portion would divide from the Littlehampton portion at Haywards Heath. It would then proceed...
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    How truthful are Rail Companies' websites in reporting disruption?

    Pretty much everything like that is done manually, though can be done in bulk for large numbers of trains (if the criteria for mass selection of train services aren’t quite right, this can be one reason for spurious info). TRUST doesn’t always easily match up with Tyrell and CIS reasons (which...
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    Coronavirus virus fears causing panic buying

    I had to take significant evasive action due to dopey drivers no less than 4 times on a 25 minute drive to work today, and that was with driving more carefully than usual. Colleagues mention similar. As you rightly allude to, it's a case of being a bad idea because it's liable to cause an...
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    Coronavirus virus fears causing panic buying

    Sussex is generally awful for people abiding by the lockdown rules, from what I can tell. Loads of people on the roads today compared to yesterday (I'm a key worker and can't work from home, if people are wondering, so had to be travelling), supermarkets absolutely rammed in places, and by all...
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    Learner drivers

    I was somewhat horrified to see trainee motorcyclists out on a CBT training course this afternoon. A good CBT course will involve a fair amount of time learning basics in a group before being sent out on the roads - I did it once and it was hardly a case of distancing oneself from others. The...
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    Coronavirus virus fears causing panic buying

    My family is involved with a care home in London which has been let down by a local supermarket which had promised "priority" deliveries for many essentials. The reality is that it is not entirely the fault of said local supermarket - they may have promised to prioritise, but there is simply...
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Core was “split” and we had self-contained north and south services at some point, although I’ve not heard any hints or rumours to suggest it. Trying to manage the service across London after the incident at Kentish Town yesterday was awful, with trains scattered...
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    TRIVIA: Railway Crossings with unusual names!

    There are two Queen Adelaide road crossings and an Adelaide footpath crossing in the same area, not to mention the crossing in Southampton which is variously called Queen Adelaide or just Adelaide!
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    It would be rather interesting if there was civil unrest in North Wales and the Scottish Highlands instead of London and other major cities! I can’t see that it would be very widespread given the relative “permanent resident” population in many tourist areas, but equally, I doubt the local...
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    TRIVIA: Railway Crossings with unusual names!

    One O’Clock Crossing near Wivelsfield is a good one. Guildables and Gonore (sometimes known as Nore Farm) on the Uckfield Line and Sunt Farm on the East Grinstead Line. For some reason, Gun Barn on the Dorking-Horsham route is always memorable. Big Bullsdown (Dorking area) gives a healthy...
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    There are ways to temporarily close a public right of way, including a bridleway or footpath, for a set period of time. It’s done very frequently for utility works, construction etc. I come across several footpath closures a year on my walks around just my local area, always properly signposted...
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    People may find that closing footpaths and bridleways in overcrowded areas is suddenly justified on urgent safety grounds, just like it is for coastal paths during a rock fall. Don’t forget that foot and mouth put huge restrictions on areas of farmland which would otherwise be accessible...
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    Coronavirus and working from home

    Indeed. At an IT department of which I’m aware, as soon as they heard about coronavirus (long before the big announcements this week), they all disappeared to “work” at home and basically can’t be contacted, even for business-critical stuff. I can understand the working from home bit, indeed...
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    Coronavirus virus fears causing panic buying

    Judging by the sheer amount of people doing apparently non-essential stuff over the last few days in my area (retail parks absolutely full, even ones without supermarkets in them; leisure centre car parks full to bursting until yesterday; witnessed a couple of golf clubs in full operation when...