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    Inside Transpennine Express (Channel 5 Documentary)

    20:00 for the final two episodes
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    Have you had the virus?

    Fair enough, it was the blood test. All good!
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    Have you had the virus?

    I *think* I've had it Mrs works at a hospital where there were confirmed cases and she definitely came down with bad symptoms, made worse by her asthma. Along with struggling to breathe (needing an ambulance calling out as her inhalers werent working), she also endured a fever and a persistent...
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    Aviation Discussion

    easyJet have released their winter schedule which I've been waiting for to book a flight to Munich, but can't find any from sby German, Morrocan, Egyptian, Tunisian, Israeli and Jordanian will all be available later (April as originally scheduled(?)). Was all excited to get Munich booked for...
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    And lose Monday to Thursday evening journeys
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    43049/66/76/82 all debranded. 43050/81 carrying 11 years of EMT branding
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    East Midlands franchise won by Abellio

    Perhaps take with a pinch of salt, but this is doing the rounds
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    Landslip At Corby (13/06)

    1C52 was the rescue train which also subsequently got stuck
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    Airbus A350 or Boeing 787?

    I've not flown on an A350 so can't comment on that But the better half and I thought the 787 was a let down. Cramped, uncomfortable and hot on both journeys and other than the dimming windows just seemed like a bog standard plane. Far preferred the A330 we used a few months later Oh and also...
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    Single Deck Conversions

    Remember this working for Carter's, regularly seen during my youth in Colchester
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    Extent of Quadruple Track from London termini

    Eh? It's double throughout!
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Will add this this picture from NCTs Facebook relating to the news, hinting what else may be receiving the remain vehivles
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Ah beat me to it MCR247 :D
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    67 more gas buses for Nottingham, starting with Brown 17 in April and Pink 28 in the summer