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    Buying an All Line Rover - clerk can't find it...

    I'm guessing maybe they have Priv (75%) discount applied, judging by how cheap they are.
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    Buying an All Line Rover - clerk can't find it...

    Sometimes I occasionally have difficulty selling a ranger/rover ticket, because the name of the product on my computer screen is worded slightly differently to it's official name. It's usually very easy on my TOC's system to find rovers/rangers though, once I've worked out what they are.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    1S25 21:17 from London Euston Sleeper has been sat at Watford Junction for nearly an hour, due to a train fault.
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    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    221101 currently at Polmadie Depot, so it's not currently at Ilford. All Avanti 221s currently showing either in service, or at their various depots around the Avanti network, not Ilford.
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    Liverpool to Euston 9th July

    I believe coach C on Pendolinos is out of bounds in terms of seating- passengers aren't being allowed to sit there. (I'm assuming to allow the TM/Catering Staff social distancing). The shop should be open, although looking online, there appear to be a few cases of it being closed, due to...
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    TPE services allocated for Double units

    Showing on Tyrell as "Unit UDB'd" and under investigation. I'm not aware of what the acronym stands for though.
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    XC services allocated for Double Voyagers

    That surprises me, as I looked all day between Birmingham and Bristol/Reading/Newcastle/Manchester and couldn't see any at all other than the one I mentioned earlier.
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    XC services allocated for Double Voyagers

    Again today- no double sets I can see on Trust, apart from a positioning move on one service to get another 220 back towards Central Rivers.
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    XC services allocated for Double Voyagers

    There certainly weren't many judging by what I could see on Trust over the weekend. I can't remember about Saturday, but yesterday for example, I don't recall any double sets between Birmingham and Bristol and v.v, or between Birmingham and Reading/Newcastle. Maybe the odd one. Yes I'm aware...
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    Large Increase in "Avanti only" fare

    You're right. I can only find a First Class fare between Crewe and Coventry, looking at the stops which Crewe to London via Birmingham Avanti services make. As it happens.... Crewe to Coventry First Anytime single is £95.90 Crewe to Rugby is £74. Yes I know a train via Birmingham would be much...
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    What's the quietest time on the railway in the mornings at the minute?

    My experiences of passenger numbers recently are that the morning peak time period is still very quiet compared to pre-Covid. My only concern is that I've noticed a very large increase in passengers (generally families/groups of teens) travelling unnecessarily during the day, so I'm guessing...
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    Large Increase in "Avanti only" fare

    Oops, you are certainly correct- there are indeed First Class Avanti only fares available between Crewe and Stafford. I think there used to be First Class (route any permitted) fares between Crewe and Stafford. There definitely used to be First Off Peak fares (route any permitted) between...
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    Large Increase in "Avanti only" fare

    A little off topic, but still regarding Crewe to Stafford fares- I've noticed there aren't any First Class fares (other than Advance First) showing on the system, despite all(?) trains between the two offering First Class. Also the same applies to Crewe to Wolverhampton and v.v. There certainly...
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    Can rail staff travel in first class?

    As others have said, I personally always ask the TM (and show them my priv with my ticket) before boarding how much it would cost to upgrade. The only time I'd just sit down, is if Weekend First was available. 99.9% have very kindly welcomed me to sit in First free of charge. Some even ask why...