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    Priv Oyster

    Apologies all for my delay in replying. Its been a chaotic couple of weeks.! Im non safeguarded at GTR. Sounds like Farringdon may be a good suggestion from the comments here?
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    Priv Oyster

    I've been having a nightmare with mine. I've been 9 times now and keep getting fobbed off by staff. I know what they need to do but they don't seem to, with most saying it's not eligible even though it is. I normally get it done at Blackhorse Road tube station (have done the last 3 years). This...
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    Virgin WC ticket query

    Thank you both for your amazingly prompt and detailed reply! I did try a search on a SVH on brfares as i'd not heard of it before but couldn't seem to find out exactly what it was. Should have tried here first :oops: My ticket was hardly expensive but was just interested in why I couldn't buy...
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    Virgin WC ticket query

    Can any one tell me the difference between these two fares and why staff couldn't find the lower priced one? ticket.JPG Fare is for a single between Euston and Preston with staff travel card. One the SVS and one the SVH. The restrictions seem almost identical. Thanks! :)
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    'That fare is online only'

    I know. Aren't they helpful..
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    Returning an unused ticket

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Ok, well I finally have the tickets in my possession now i'm home from work. Today is Day 28 and as I understand it the last day I can get a refund? The nearest Greater Anglia station is Tottenham Hale which will be closed by the time I get there. I'm trying to...
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    Returning an unused ticket

    Hmmm. Well, that wasn't offered so they're in the post now. Hopefully I can sort it. I'd assumed it would be quite straight forward as the tickets were bought in a station but obviously not. Mind you, I have made it more complicated admittedly!
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    Returning an unused ticket

    Evening all, A story from A to Z... I bought two Off Peak Priv Returns last month for a trip between London Euston and Lancaster at Norwich station on my debit card. I left the tickets in Norwich at my parents in error. By the time I realised this I had driven back to London and as travel was...
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    Shopping trolly on the track near Epsom [12/04]

    Forensics won't be done on the trolley, cctv won't be collected and nothing will come of this incident! :lol:
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    How to become a train driver

    Not quite right. You have 2 attempts to pass the assessments. You can apply to a company as many times as you like. You will need to check the website of each TOC though, yes. In theory, there is nothing to stop you getting a train driver straight off the street. But i think in your situation...
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    i looking new job

    You would stand a very good chance of getting a trainee driver job* by evidencing your experience i'm sure. *Subject to visa requirements obviously!
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    No Yes. There is a button the PIS that does this. However, I found this out by accident. We were given no training whatsoever on the PIS (which itself seems surprisingly budget). I asked a trainee today who has just done his 700 course if he was told anything about it but he said not. I...
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    DM job with South West Trains

    Same boat as me (a different TOC though). I'll see if it was worth the plunge shortly. It will make family life considerably better which is the basis behind the move. I am very conscious though where I am the company cannot get people to do the role for love nor money but If it doesn't work out...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    City Thameslink is where the DC/AC voltage changeover is. This can lead to problems with any stock. The unit that went wibble yesterday morning lost power at Farringdon during the AC/DC changeover. The driver was advised to run it to City Thameslink on AC and try again. Unfortunately it then...
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    GTR THAMESLINK Kings cross depot routes, rest day pattern etc...

    Firstly, I don't work at KGX but work on TL side so this may not be completely accurate. The rest day pattern is a little random on the GN side but they work on average 4 days a week. You work two Saturdays in four, Sundays are up to you. Routes are KGX - Cambridge/Peterbrough, Hertford...