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    ENCTS and ‘split ticketing’ just before 0930

    0925 is the actual start point of passes, as it allows 5 minutes for boarding time to depart at 0930. Faffing around, imo, will only annoy the driver enough to get them to report you and potentially refuse you service next time.
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    ENCTS and ‘split ticketing’ just before 0930

    I can verify that the driver was correct, I was a driver for TB for a few years recently, it's in the drivers handbook, I'm not sure whether it's a term of the bus pass or not, but the driver was definitely correct. I even had to show the handbook page to another driver once as they didn't...
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    Bus Driver Listening to Music

    I'm sure the X38 night buses run by Trent Barton used to have music playing through speakers on the bus, it was stopped and passengers wanted it to return but I don't travel on them and don't think it did come back, from what I saw on social media.
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    Angry Passenger Demands

    The most unbelievably stupid kind of human being.
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    Why is Trent Barton better than other operators?

    Re double deckers on TB, its partly to do with passenger safety, if there's only a single deck, the driver can have an idea of what's happening, not just a view on a camera screen. Which makes sense in my view.
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    Why are bus operators outside my area not interested in my bus pass?

    Trent Barton buses have certain concessionary passes that aren't accepted by the machines so the drivers have to manually log the journey. More an inconvenience than anything. I can't remember which areas of the country the passes are from that aren't accepted.
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    BBC: Wheelchair user 'forced to wet himself' after buses fail to stop

    The company I worked for did have a button on the INIT MACHINE to notify the office that the bus was full, but that was removed. No destination board message as far as I can recall during my time there.
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    BBC: Wheelchair user 'forced to wet himself' after buses fail to stop

    I can verify that stopping usually results in an argument, after stopping a few times and everything being hunky dory, waiting customers being accepting of the bus being full, I stopped and did it for the final time before I started driving past shaking my head, as a customer boarded despite me...
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    Unnecessarily long bus routes in the UK

    Just looked at the Black Cat (Derby to Mansfield), that says 1 hr 52 departing 0830. Can't be many longer than that surely? Edit - 2hr 07 min departing 1530
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    Free bus tickets during Catch The Bus Week this year.

    I'd think most people don't want a potential drink driving arrest to deal with if they fancy a few bevvies during the nice weather.
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    Wellglade Group: Kinch, N+D, Trent, TM

    On the buses being busy, it's mainly because concessionary passes aren't accepted on the Red Arrow now, as I'm sure everyone knows, it's pushed those people onto the next fastest bus between Derby and Nottingham, the i4. They don't like using double deckers, based on passenger safety, the...
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    TRIVIA: bus routes operated by the most amount of depots

    Indigo is operated out of Loughborough as well
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    The ones I drive don't cut out at the lights, but at the bus stops when the doors have been opened with the handbrake on. Maybe there's 2 different types, but I'd have thought buses cutting out at traffic lights, or potentially a junction if using the handbrake, is dangerous, if not...
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    If there's a fault with the system, then it can cut out at traffic lights. But it's meant to only cut out when the handbrake is on, and the doors have been opened. Cutting out with just the handbrake on is very very rare, and usually results in the bus restarting itself within a couple of...