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    Trivia: Longest Double Decker bus routes in the UK

    Stagecoach's service B between Cambridge and Peterborough had a running time just over two hours. It's currently suspended due to COVID but will probably return. The journey is flat and mostly boring, but includes the northern section of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. Operated by Scania...
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    Stagecoach plan £80m investment in new buses

    Would rear-axle steering work at all with the Busway guide-wheels? It's true that watching tri-axle buses negotiate the Jesus Lane corner will be interesting.
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    Chiltern Line — London Suburban Services

    North-west London has Underground lines all over the place - none of Chiltern's suburban stations is more than 10 minutes' walk from a tube station, and there's no competing with that service frequency. Combined with Marylebone's poor connectivity, there's simply no point running services into...
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    TPE franchise awarded to First

    Because they have an order for 19x 5-car AT300 sets, as an add-on to First's West of England order, which will be 26m vehicles.
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    Riviera/Hosking and Mk2s

    Mid-Norfolk have about a dozen in two rakes, used on almost every non-DMU service.
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    Declassified first class on Anglia 37s + Mk. 2s?

    The BFK is locked out-of-use. :( It's substituting for the usual BSO while that's away for repairs, so might be gone in 'the coming weeks' anyway.
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    East Anglia Rail Franchise; New Stock?

    I read that as referring to its actual introduction, and subsequent withdrawal, several years ago. Running short, sluggish DMU sets into Liverpool Street didn't work then, and it's hard to see why it should now. Unless the DfT are hoping for yet more 5-car AT300 bi-modes as part of the mainline...
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    What train is this? (Old BR Advert)

    I'm guessing that's a joke, but just in case: Those have single-leaf plug doors at the carriage ends (not double sliding ones further in), and very different windows.
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    G5 Locomotive with which wagons?

    Those look like the standard LNER/BR 21-ton hopper wagons, with the original bodies (later ones didn't have so many ribs). Paul Bartlett's site has an enormous collection of wagon photos, including a lot of these.
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    Most Frequent Routes With Prefixes and Suffixes (or no numbers at all)?

    Cambridgeshire Busway services are lettered, so: A - Alternating 5- and 10-minute intervals in the peaks; every 15 minutes otherwise. B - Every 15 minutes R - Every 15 minutes, peak only.
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    How common is for 'non-premium' buses to fill in on 'premium routes'

    One afternoon service on Stagecoach Cambridge's 13 is run with a pair of buses to cope with sixth-form traffic. Instead of the normal Gold-spec Scanias, the second bus is almost always a rattly 51-plated MAN single-decker. Everyone crowds onto the shiny one, which undermines the point somewhat. :-?
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    Swanage Railway - back to Wareham

    The info is on the project newsletter linked at the top of your page.
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    2015 RHTT Locomotives & Diagrams

    I watched a pair of 57/0s rumble north through Ely at 16:35 this afternoon. Didn't get the numbers.
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    Wootton Bassett junction SPAD (07/03/15) RAIB Update released

    You omitted some other quotes that are important: The TSR board was located between the AWS magnet for SN43 and the signal itself, so the driver looking out of his window would have seen the TSR board right in front of him when the signal's AWS triggered. Given the limited visibility from a...
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    Barrington Light Railway no website?

    It's a working industrial branch - previously it served the quarry and accompanying cement plant until those closed in 2009, and has now been reactivated to partially infill the quarry with waste. There are a few trains each week, hauled by class 66s and operated by DBS (and some GBRf IIRC?)...