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    Problems using TOC apps for etickets

    That fare will permit travel on London Underground services, but LU don't accept e-tickets or barcodes (and their gates don't have any barcode readers) it's not offered to you as an option.
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    SWR >120 mins Delay Repay with annual season ticket

    You might be delayed on your outward and return journeys so can claim against both. A Return ticket holder could claim back the entire cost of their ticket, whereas a season ticket holder couldn't claim for the entire cost of their ticket.
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    Wobbly passengers on South West Trains?

    It's not a smug statement - SWT (or South Western Railway as they've been called for the last 2 years) got rid of seat reservations almost 10 years ago. That was mostly due to complaints from regular travellers (i.e. vocal commuters) who saw a sea of reserved seats on trains and it was sometime...
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    Transport for Wales Only fares

    Good to see Virgin Trains using "Young Persons Railcard"! :lol:
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    Chiltern September fares rise

    I think West Midlands Trains (and the former London Midland) apply Off Peak fare increases in September, rather than January. WMT is has Abellio as a majority shareholder (70%) - make of that what you will! :)
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    Station car parks and Railway byelaws

    Have a look at Bylaw 14 - see if that helps: Railway Bylaws
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    Buying Tickets for Smartcard

    GTR are on an older version of the software and won't be updating it until the summer.
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    Long routes where Class 158 trains can be allocated?

    Liverpool - Portsmouth on Virgin Cross Country, around 243miles
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    Deletion of fixed link from Southsea Hoverport to Portsmouth

    I wouldn't get too excited about it. It had nothing to do with you getting involved!
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    Cheaper commute advice

    A carnet would be cheaper than a season if you travel via Clapham Junction - 10 Anytime Day Returns with a 5% discount is £143.45 (£286.90 per month, assuming you travel 20 days per month). You'll need to get an SWR smartcard tho...
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    The Great British Transport Competition

    How about sorting out the potholes on the existing road network?
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    SWR strikes and delay repay

    Afraid not. As it's a published timetable, they'll only compensate you if the train is delayed by 15min or more.
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    Newbie Commuter renewal question

    the amount of Void Days you can claim will be on this page, depending on the date you renewed your season ticket. Basingstoke - Reading falls under GWR's "London Thames Valley" route so it's 3 Void Days due. The ticket...
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    South Western Rail Flexible Season Ticket news

    It's a little more than an "ambition", it's an obligation as per their franchise agreement, page 378, #69.1. "Flexible Season" is carnet, as c2c already offer. Looking at your previous post, in 2015, if you (still) travel from Portsmouth - Waterloo 2-3 times per week, the carnet won't benefit...
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    Refused travel at Waterloo with Travelcard

    Of course, it's obviously unreasonable for them to not quote the validity of every ticket type and restriction for any journey from/to/via via their station. You're implying that a manager shouldn't back up their staff, when the staff member should have better knowledge of ticketing....