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  • Hi Tom,
    Yes it was the interview that set me back. I thought it went really well but there were 2 existing signallers in the running too. Due to no-shows there were 7 people interviewed for 2 positions so the odds were good. It was a grade 4 position in Worcestershire.

    Thanks for thinking of me for the Yorkshire position but its a bit too far to go!!! I do have another application in for a position in Ledbury (nr Cheltenham) which I believe is a grade 2 or 3 but the process has just started for that one.

    Thanks again
    Hi mate, I saw your post about not getting a signaller role. I am sorry to hear that, but well done for getting through half the process. Was it Line Manager Interview that you got down to?

    There's a Grade 2 Vacancy currently in Yorkshire. I would recommend having a go at that if it's not too far out of your way / you have no dependents and can move. It's a FTC that lasts over 6 months, and I can guarantee they will be looking to keep you after that. The best thing about getting your foot in the door is the internal jobs list.

    Let me know what you think and I can try and help.
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