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  • Hi There,

    I'm in the progress of making a version of NWM for Train Simulator 2015, would you be okay if I published it? The route doesn't contain any of your assets, only the station names and the general look of the route. Thanks,
    Hello Wumpty,

    I have used your 350 Desiro objects and your 323 openbve train to make a 350 Desiro exterior view. I am asking your permission to release it as it is a first and many wish for one. However, I shall NOT release if you don't wish it to. The train has used the 323 base to form the 350 Desiro by some renaming however it is pure Desiro. I shall await your verdict!

    Best Wishes 150.

    P.S If you want a copy of the file email me on [email protected]
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