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  • Transport wise, it's worth mentioning that our most important international railway connection, and one of two hat we currently have, has suffered yet another derailment. It's the third one in just an year and with the exact same rolling stock.
    We are currently in Sweden at the minute - we've gone to the US, Canada, China, North Korea (somehow) and many other places - feel free to join our adventure.
    Hi Paul,
    I have just been busy with other things and something had to go.
    But I am back:)
    I don't know why the 23rd is in your calendar but it is the day me and my family fly away from Canada to head to the UK. We arrive at Birmingham airport on the 24th though at 12:35.
    Oops. Just rechecked - two of the lines don't have similar letters. Will certainly bear this in mind when I get the chance to do another as I like these puzzles.
    Hi Paul, pleased to meet you (webwise). Looked at the quiz posts and I think that I'm not in the same league as you. It's good to chat though.
    Hi Paul, I just thought I'd mention that I'll be away from tomorrow to the 28th and without an internet connection, so I will thus be off the forum, if anyone asks.
    Thanks Paul. Thought i would join sinc. e i have been browsing for a
    while. My name is Chris by the way. Dont know if ive replied twice but apologisr if i have, still learning the site.
    Hello there Paul, it would indeed - I had a semi-consistent phase of photo updates and the like, but perhaps as the Metrolink upgrades have gathered pace I've struggled to keep up. I don't post so much anymore (since there's always someone else first to grab a scoop!), but still observe the goings-on. I imagine my time here will be similarly spent, with the odd accidental sighting, impulsive photographic haul or tentatively-tabled opinion. And every now and then, I may actually dare to post about them!

    Considering just how comprehensive this site is (and no doubt helped by your stewardship), I couldn't resist signing up. Despite having neither the lineage nor the career path befitting a forum regular, I like to follow the day-to-day railway picture. And may the following continue.
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