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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    Indeed. Possibly. But you'd need weekly to keep up driver knowledge in a typical passenger driver link. At risk of heading OT, the Morecambe service IS provided by a dedicated shuttle. There are only 5 services a day (2 at the moment) that come across from the east. Up until a couple of years...
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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    Until you produce the fully costed business case, we'll never know. I'd rather not see services cut or useful infrastructure removed without a valid reason.
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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    The changes at Lancaster to accommodate more reversals wouldn't really help with the main WCML traffic. That is limited by the freight paths every hour and a whole lot more infrastructure changes would be needed to sort that. Have you given any thought to how ludicrously expensive it would be to...
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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    On-track plant It will be done when it's possible. It can't be done when it's impossible. The problem with trains from the north reversing at Lancaster is they have to cross the main lines and run wrong direction for a a bit either on the way in (platforms 1/2/3) or the way out (platforms...
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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    Only a couple of times a year for units, sometimes in service, sometimes ECS. It's the only triangle between Farington and Carlisle (and Shipley to the east), so not having it would result in some Barrow or Leeds services being cancelled or short-formed if a unit can't be turned. OTP is turned...
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    What parliamentary trains have a future?

    Apart from: * The weekly nuclear waste train which will be running for some years yet * The triangle is frequently used to turn on-track plant and units with a defective cab/coupler * It is used in some timetable periods to accommodate Leeds-Morecambe services that can't be pathed via Lancaster...
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    Azuma Power Sockets - no power through neutral sections

    44? That seems awfully high. There's nowhere near that many on the WCML, although my knowledge is based entirely on listening to VCBs banging in and out on Pendos.
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    At the start of the afternoon peak there's a Leeds service that does a double run Lancaster-Morecambe. This is the one that gets a Wigan crew. Could be that one you saw?
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    The Morecambe shuttle has been a single unit diagram since May 2018. So there hasn't been a 150 this year. There hasn't been a 150 on a west-side Morecambe diagram since VHF came in and chopped the Liverpool-Morecambes. The few services that come across from Leeds/Skipton can be 150s, and one...
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    I don't think that's been the case since May 2018. The Morecambe shuttle starts and ends its day at Blackpool and is in a cycle with Ormskirk/Colne/Blackpool South diagrams. So Newton Heath units. Cumbria is still Heaton units as far as I know. Never a 150. Barrow crew don't sign them.
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    Trivia: Most sparse platform at a major station

    Lancaster platform 1. No seats, no shelter, no PIS visible from the platform itself. And it's rather short.
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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    And indeed in the other direction from Green Ayre to Halton, the Crook O' Lune and Caton.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Heysham is top and tail 68s. Front loco powering, rear loco idling.
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    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Errr, Avanti were only running the franchise for three weeks of that quarter...
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    Class 397 TPE "Nova 2" Diagrams

    8 diagrams I think. 3x 397, 5x 350