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    Getting people back on trains as lockdown eases.

    TfL effectively did go bankrupt, and quickly. What followed was at Central Governments wishes.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    That just makes it a rip-off for everyone who pays taxes to subsidise it then!
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    Without additional funding from government there is a real risk to the survival of Eurostar

    By what definition, some summer service using 50p German hand-my-downs spare and zero hours staff badly paid even by Czech standards for no-cost open access?
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    Do Greater Anglia Class 322s work in multiple with their 321s?

    317/321, 319/321 and 322/321 combos have worked on the WCML be it booked, transition or rescue.
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    How critical is the return of passengers and busy trains for railway jobs?

    It also suggests massive productivity issues. KPI for actual passenger driving time will certainly come under the microscope.
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    Timetables: Are they set by Network Rail rather than Train Companies?

    Especially when step 1 and/or 2 gets repeated for attempt x after some of the later steps from attempt 1 are long past...
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    Class 710 LO

    Or 710256/257 are the two DV units that live at Ilford and being 259/273 back.
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    Class 710 LO

    7103xx test run on DC Monday 15th
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Did it? Presumably thats just additional swapping over at Scarborough on the shuttles then to use an extra set (and never happened?), as only one trip early/late over the Pennines.
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Back to three sets on December 2020 diagrams from end of month until December 2021 was the plan unless the reduction is being extended
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    WMR Class 196 Build and Implementation

    Well given they have already offloaded the "new" slam door set and now 4x172 are going, they disagree with you.
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    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    Almost certain thats exactly what is was. Ely-Norwich VSTP with demic which had collapsed on 1233 Norwich-Stansted requiring rescue from Thetford.
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    LHCS Mk3 disposals

    Silver set or the 'new' ex GA one? Both are for disposal I believe.
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    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    Any if everyone took WR's attitude, they wouldn't have anything to hire in would they... Hopefully stock owners will charge the WR a surcharge against railways more ameanable to working towards stock restoration rather than wanting to have their cake and eat it.
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    Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet

    Don’t know about cans in particular but 87s are undergoing full overhauls abroad so seems unlikely to be a big issue. Probably far cheaper than parts for UK only locos too. Floyd rebuilt one from a Christmas tree as well.
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    I'm confused as to where all the trains fit at night...

    The ARL set shown at Camden is a 710/3 which aren’t in traffic yet nor anytime soon so it’s just cancelled, won’t be one in there.
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    When will we see National Rail passenger numbers recover?

    No the “dead hand” is that little or none of that will make any money which is why it generally hasn’t been a thing for twenty years or so...
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    PKP Intercity announces its fleet plan for the next decade

    What services and where is the demand for more services shown? The travelling culture isn't exactly the same as Manchester-Euston...
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    DSB Talgo and Vectron+DSB EMU Tender

    "oh yes the have!" its been around for 15 years...
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    Requirements for Universal Route Knowledge

    Speed signalling not route signalling is the major one, as per places abroad. Traction knowledge is a different kettle of fish and will be required everywhere I'd imagine.