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    Incorrectly Translated Station Names

    Sorry but you are completely mistaken. To explain how would take a very long and off-topic post. To provide a European analogy, we were talking about how the famous beer brewed in Llandudno is sold as Flandidno Beer in the USA, and then you jumped in to say that Florence, the English...
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    Incorrectly Translated Station Names

    Peking represented the way it was pronounced until around the late 1800s/early 1900s. Mandarin and other northern Chinese languages have since undergone palatisation. The languages of southern China are more conservative and the second syllable is still pronounced with a k or g initial. Most...
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    COVID 19 - Brexit Implications

    I think that people will start caring about Brexit very quickly once the virus is out of the news every day. The end of 2020 deadline is supposed to be BJ's way of putting pressure on the EU. I would guess that if closer to the time, BJ claims we need 1 or 2 months to finalise the deal then it...
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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    If we are still using cash in 2060, many £1 coins from 2016 will still be circulating and in usable condition. If we had a plastic £1 note I suspect heavily used ones would only last about 1-2 years before needing to be replaced. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is about the UK polymer notes...
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    Too little compensation

    I always select something other than cheque but GWR has only ever paid me by cheque.
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    TRIVIA: Longest station names

    The concept of "words" in Japanese is different from that in European languages. Spaces are not used, but can be, for example for the benefit of children. Anyway these are kind of just gimmicks like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. The first means "South Aso...
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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    But you were at slightly more risk of getting it than if you had stayed home. Similarly I suppose that if 1 million people went on a drive that was not absolutely necessary, then there might be 5 accidents that wouldn't have happened. And 1 person might catch the virus from not wiping the PIN...
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    The start of seismic change?

    Many of the changes postulated here are plausible and will have long-lasting effects. I fear that one consequence will be that some areas of the UK, and some areas of other countries, will become even more hostile to outsiders, particularly those people who may appear to be associated with the...
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    Government advice discussion

    We are currently renovating our new house, but still living in our old flat. The plan is(was) to finish in mid-April and then move in. Everything that needed tradesmen was completed in Feburary, the remainder will be done by my wife and I. Though it seems shops like B&Q / Wickes are not...
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    Northern Delay Repay Ticket

    Recently discussed here: Final post says yes. Personally I'd try to get it used in the next 1-2 years.
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    Refund on TPE Booking without a printer? Possible?

    In Adobe Reader on Windows on my computer, there is a tick box to print in grayscale on the print dialog. And if that were not possible, I could go into my printer settings and change it to print in grayscale in two different ways. You won't be able to change the text in a PDF yourself without...
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    Delay repay to charity

    A large single donation presumably by BACS is cheaper for a charity to process than hundreds of £1 card payments or coins. However if it isn't worth the time to claim £1, then it would seem better to just donate £1 of your own money rather than wasting time on a claim even if the TOC gets to...
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    Peak restrictions (coronavirus)

    This may be blue-sky thinking but I would like railcard validities to be extended by 3 months or more. My 26-30 railcard expires in April (shortly before I turn 32) and I had planned to get at least two 7-day rovers around now, which will now cost me over £50 more by the time it may be safe (or...
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    Oyster Smart Day Capping (Gatwick Airport - London Zone 1-2)

    Is the situation not the same with Heathrow and charging up to a Z6 cap when Z1-2 cap + Z6-1 single may be cheaper? I used to split at Earls Court back in the day.
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    Gatwick to Zone2 with oyster and railcard

    There is no railcard discount during TfL evening peak, which depends entirely upon the time when you touch in. So if you touched in after 1635 and before 1857 at Gatwick, then touched out at London bridge you would have been charged '£15.50. As London Bridge is set to “continuation exit” it was...
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    Northern TVMs

    The first few times I saw these TVMs I thought they were some sort of advertising, or phones ( As I already held tickets I wasn't looking for a place to buy them. If you aren't paying attention or...
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    Contactless Revenue Inspection

    What is the maximum fare from Luton Airport Parkway?
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    Worcestershire Parkway not accepted on GWR Delay Repay form, what to do?

    Or just use a program like Paint to add some text to the photo / scan of your ticket...
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    Southern ticket machines being deceptive

    It would help if bus operators actually make it possible to find out the fare without having to phone them, which isn't going to work when I want to check 10 different routes. Some operators do now reveal their fares online which is good.
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    Austria to Italy rail services suspended

    Passport controls were removed between Belgium and the Netherlands in 1970 as part of a Benelux agreement. But the situation in Baarle-Hertog has existed since the 1800s. I hardly think there were individual guards at each enclave before 1970!