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    Area Manager Dartford (SE)

    Position currently advertised on the SE website - seems like a huge area. Any ideas what station groups they manage?
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    Guards during strikes

    A 4 to 5 day strike? Where did you hear that? Personally I can’t see anyone wanting that so soon after Christmas, what with paypackets and all.
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    New South Western franchise: Awarded to First/MTR

    Wonder if First will be forced to offload some of their bus depots. First West perhaps?
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    New South Western franchise: Awarded to First/MTR Uh-oh.
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    Blockade to allow Waterloo upgrade to take place, resulting in timetable changes

    Timetable is mainly out and very interesting - diverting some mainline trains via Wimbledon Park/Wandsworth Town. I'm sure TFL are very worried about that!
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    New South Western franchise: Awarded to First/MTR

    New logo is going to be maroon. Presume the uniform will follow.
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    Evening Standard article - skip stopping Some fairly horrendous figures for Govia here, any idea what report the article refers to?
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    'Only two bidders for SWT Franchise'

    Alternatively the government are forced into a humiliating u-turn, extend the franchise until 2019 on a management contract and then re-let as two separate franchises with one going to LOROL?
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    'Only two bidders for SWT Franchise'

    Doubtful. Got their hands full with TSGN.
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    Bromley South - London St Pancras International season ticket

    Hi folks, just wondering: A) If a Bromley South season ticket is valid from Bromley North B) If this ticket is valid at all South London terminals as well as St Pancras? (Presumably London Bridge - definitely, Waterloo East/Cannon Street/Victoria et. al - no?).
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    Crossrail 2

    Just before Worcester Park. I suppose you could in theory install a bay on the south side at Motspur. Interesting to see if/how they widen the track at Raynes Park, plus I'm guessing the large gap between train and platform would be looked at.
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    Crossrail 2

    Brainstorming ideas - would be a bit odd to terminate trains at Hampton Wick, there isn't enough space to build any bay platforms or turn back points. Teddington on thr other hand could be enhanced and has a much higher footfall which would inevitably be considered as part of the consultation.
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    Crossrail 2

    Easier said than done I imagine esp. at New Malden! Wonder if part of the Epsom line will be 4 tracked as once originally intended
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    Crossrail 2

    Interesting to see what happens with the Kingston branch - terminating trains at Teddington and running them into Strawberry Hill depot seems a bit pointless. Struggling to see where a bay platform could be added. Also level crossings are going to be a huge issue at Motspur Park/New Malden -...
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    Thames Valley Line (Twickenham - Shepperton)

    Hi all, I'm doing some research on the Thames Valley line - hoping to locate some historic photographs of the station at Hampton and Shepperton in particular. Also going to be looking at the stations down towards Norbiton, can anybody assist or point me in the right direction? Cheers.
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    Waterloo - Movement on the redevelopment

    It will be interesting to see if/how much they double the Raynes Park - Epsom/Chessington branches with 2 tracks in either direction. I'm guessing the reason the track bed is so wide at Motspur Park because this was once intended.
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    South West Trains DoA

    Wonder what these new services will be...
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    South West Trains DoA
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    Proposed new SWT services for Yeovil, including Pen Mill via Westbury/Frome

    Any chance of a Salisbury - Taunton service I wonder? Probably the two biggest places in the region without a direct service.