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    London underground strike
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    Northern franchise awarded to Arriva.

    I see their website is now live:
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    London underground strike

    Taking with a pinch of salt.... How accurate is the list of demands?! one of the RMT demands say: "Payments for Night Tube to be made to staff on lines where the Night Tube will not even be operating" I thought RMT love to keep saying "It's not about the money!!!" erm...
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Hey Is anyone able to let me know what train worked: Northern 2C47 earlier tonight. Had texts of my mother in law saying it was a northern train filled with Abellio staff in hi Vis. She was excited because it seemed bigger and...
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    LOROL - Trainee Train Driver - New Cross Gate

    A new vacancy just went live with Lorol that some people may be interested in
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    RailUK Forums Ticket Gallery Project

    Is this of any use? The first Priv ticket I ever bought... 1.1.022
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    Serco for Sleeper

    Was this announced today?
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    How long have the iBus screens been showing the time?

    On my way into work this morning, I noticed the time was shown on the second line of the iBus screens. Is this new? or has been been going on for a while and I just just haven't been very observant? This was on a Go Ahead 231 in North London, an Enviro 400.
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    X-Men Pendolino

    Stafford Station posted this photo:
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    New Bus for London collides with stationary traffic in Chelsea

    A case of wrong foot placement?
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    Which train number ran a particular route?

    Try this thread:
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    LU Station jobs go online Thurs 22nd

    Anyone know what the Telephone interview is like for this role ?
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    Virgin Trains CSA Job Manchester

    Be hopeful! I went to the talent academy last week for one of the CSA Jobs based at Euston, I got a call this morning offering me the job pending a medical but I had to decline as I was offered another job with a contract longer than 9 months. I assume someone in Euston holding pool will probs...
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    What are the steepest gradients on the UK rail network?

    The older thread didn't seem to give an answer... But does anyone know what gradient the DLR Tunnel out of Bank is??
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    TFL Staff card question

    Thank you for this :-) Sent from my SK17i using Tapatalk 2
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    TFL Staff card question

    Hello My partner just started working for a London bus operator and got her staff oyster card today. We however live in Grays, which is out outside the oyster 1-9 zones system so we assume her pass won't let her out as Grays is like Watford junction and it's own lettered zone. What's...
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    How Do I Buy a Advance Ticket at The Station ?

    I take it using a pre pay card is out of the question then?? The ones that are like a gift card you top and work just like a debit card? Sent from my SK17i using Tapatalk 2
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    Change in Oyster charging process -- temporary for Olympics?

    Cant you just call 020 7222 5600 and get transfered??!? Sent from my SK17i using Tapatalk 2
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    Games 1-9 travelcard

    The barriers are left open at night at Grays so yeah.... I may have just boarded at west ham and whoops forgot to use my oyster payg...