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    New announcement at Marylebone

    Caught my usual train today from Marylebone and the automated message for the Birmingham train announced to change at Lemington Spa for services to Birmingham International, Coventry and Manchester piccadilly. This is a new one on me (even during wcml disruption)
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    Quantity of government radio adverts

    I listen to the radio all day in the background at work and haven't really paid much attention to the adverts. Since I've been at home I've paid more attention and excluding covid ads, its really struck me how many ads by the government there are on the radio. Tax returns, speeding, road safety...
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    Food stuffs you'd like uk supermarkets to sell

    theres a few items that uk supermarkets don't seem to stock that I would buy regularly if sold authentic baguettes uk supermarket's don't sell proper French style baguettes. The nearest is sainsburys finest stone baked baguette, but still not close to a proper French baguette Swiss chard one...
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    how the uk would be prepared to live if a vaccine couldnt be found

    An interesting article here from kings college london
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    Delay repay if refused entry to a train station as too busy / social distancing

    as more people start to go back to work and trains get busier could train companies limit access to stations / attempt to stop people getting on trains to ensure socisl distancing is maintained (similar to supermarkets current queueing) If this happens will you be able to claim for late arrival ?
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    the most over the top restrictions introduced

    I've seen lots of over the top restrictions such as temperature checks to enter a restaurant and food served only in take away containers. My most hated has to be the amount of signage at stansted airport which has all been printed on a template with "for your safety" written on it. Theres one...
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    Why is Chiltern Driver Only Operated south of Banbury but not north?

    often wondered this, what difference is there south of Banbury to not warrant a guard? If its infrastructure, surely its not too pricy to add to stations north of Banbury (although I know that Chiltern doesn't call at them all)
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    Taking part in antibody testing

    My workplace (a school) is taking part in a government scheme to track the spread of covid-19 in education establishments. Every couple of months we have covid-19 swabs, antibody tests and saliva samples taken. Last week we got out results back and 3 out of 8 people in my department had tested...
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    Why are chiltern so short of carriages?

    Tonight it looks like they're 15 carriages short for the peak service. It looks like the slam door mark 3 formed train is out of service tonight. This is a regular occurrence. Is it breakdowns? Converting units to make them dda accessible?
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    Why is advice offered to those who cheat the system

    This is in no way critical. But if people try to defraud the system by paying incorrect fares or using invalid passes then why is advice offered in this forum on how to minimise punishment ? Forum members seem a friendly bunch, they dont turn around and say "good, you got what you deserved" but...
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    Chiltern RPOs in action at High Wycombe

    For the past few weeks there has been 2 revenue protection officers at the exit at high wycombe station during peak times. Theres also a poster in the station thanking people for showing their ticket when requested. Has wycombe been highlighted as a particular problem area or is it a chiltern...
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    Stations within m25 that dont accept oyster

    Apart from Denham and Denham golf club,are there any other railway stations within the m25 that do not accept oyster / contactless forms of payment
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    Ticket acceptance on LU to any zone 1 station?

    Yesterday due to issues on chiltern, trains south were terminating at west ruislip with ticket acceptance on LU from west ruislip to marylebone. My usual journey is chiltern to marylebone then LU to hampstead. So yesterday I took central line from west ruislip (where my chiltern train...
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    Should ticket acceptance always be the norm during disruption

    I understand that during disruption, ticket acceptance on other operators for alternative routes is the norm but should there be limits. This evening there wcml is down so theres ticket acceptance on chiltern trains. Chiltern trains are already full during rush hour so now those paying Chiltern...
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    Network card. 9:58 train late, not allowed to board

    Basically my other half was travelling from high Wycombe using her network card (only valid on trains departing high Wycombe after 10am). She planned on getting the 1007 train to Marylebone but as the 0958 was running late and now scheduled to depart at 1001, she was going to get that instead...