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    Trivia: Railway infrastructure/buildings that were never used for their intended purpose (if at all)

    Inspired by the thread on platforms that were built but never used, I'll get the ball rolling with a few: 1) The replacement Maryhill Park Junction Signal Box. The original burnt down in the early 80s (the circumstances are a whole other story), and the relevant design was completed, including...
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    Trivia: Stations close to each other that you can’t travel to/from easily

    Following on from the “non-obvious termination points”, something popped into my head about this. Rules of the game: Stations must have had a regular service between them at some time Stations must have a passenger-standard railway connecting them I’ll nominate Uddingston and Newton: about...
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    Trivia: Stations used by passengers after closure to scheduled services

    Someone mentioned on another thread a station which was closed but still used by excursions organised by an outside party. With that in mind, I’ll get the ball rolling with Ashton Gate - used some 20 years after closure for specials to a Billy Graham appearance Wadsley Bridge - used for...
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    Trivia: Longest possible journey entirely on 25kV without reversing?

    Talk on another thread about getting from Manchester to King's Cross got me thinking about this. I think you'd be hard pushed to beat this one: Euston-Northampton-Birmingham-Stoke-Manchester-Preston-Motherwell-Coatbridge-Gartcosh-Cowlairs-Carmuirs-Edinburgh-King's Cross.