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    Area Manager Dartford (SE)

    Position currently advertised on the SE website - seems like a huge area. Any ideas what station groups they manage?
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    Evening Standard article - skip stopping Some fairly horrendous figures for Govia here, any idea what report the article refers to?
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    Bromley South - London St Pancras International season ticket

    Hi folks, just wondering: A) If a Bromley South season ticket is valid from Bromley North B) If this ticket is valid at all South London terminals as well as St Pancras? (Presumably London Bridge - definitely, Waterloo East/Cannon Street/Victoria et. al - no?).
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    Thames Valley Line (Twickenham - Shepperton)

    Hi all, I'm doing some research on the Thames Valley line - hoping to locate some historic photographs of the station at Hampton and Shepperton in particular. Also going to be looking at the stations down towards Norbiton, can anybody assist or point me in the right direction? Cheers.
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    South West Trains DoA
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    1J84 STP to MAR (1820)

    Bizarre happenings tonight at London St Pancras (STP) 1J84 1820 service to Margate came in empties to STP, sat on the platform until its allotted departure time, then went back out to Stratford Intl not in service, before sitting on the platform there for 10 minutes. Customers advised to...
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    Avantix '3'

    Given the improvement in SMART technology recently and the start of TfLs CPay trial, anybody know if ATOS are releasing a new machine? The old Avantix machine is beginning to look quite dated!
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    South West Trains Station Manager

    Does anyone know what flagship South West Station Managers earn? I know the Southeastern SM earns about £32,000 at Charing Cross, just wondered if this was comparable...
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    More Virgin services Birmingham-Scotland Seems like they are freeing up Voyagers for deployment on the Shrewsbury/Blackpool route. And I presume this means they will be extending all '43 services from Euston??
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    Two competing bids for London-Blackpool

    The Times is reporting the DfT's 'headache' over two competing bids for London-Blackpool services, any ideas who the second company is? Alliance Rail perhaps? Can't see the entire article. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- This is the link I cannot access...