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  1. Boxcars

    At last!

    At last I can enjoy BVE4 like I enjoyed 2.6.3 when I first discovered it. I've just acquired a second computer with a AMD Athlon processor and a 64 Mb NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400 graphics card and 768Mb RAM. My fps have almost doubled from what I was experiencing from my integrated graphics. :grin...
  2. Boxcars

    Solid bright blue tunnel entrances etc

    :dontknow: When driving the Harcroft routes for BVE4 I notice that oncoming trains have a bright blue surround on their buffers and around the front of the cabs too, the station buildings etc show bright blue around the edges and the tunnel entrances are solid bright blue until you pass...
  3. Boxcars

    Good advice !!!

    Thought members would enjoy these two safety tips ... :cool: :lol:
  4. Boxcars

    Steve Irwin - messages of condolence

    I would like to say how sorry I was to learn of Steve Irwin's death. I can only feel sympathy for his wife, children, family, friends and colleagues. Boxcars, Cambridge, England.