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    LOROL - Trainee Train Driver - New Cross Gate

    A new vacancy just went live with Lorol that some people may be interested in
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    How long have the iBus screens been showing the time?

    On my way into work this morning, I noticed the time was shown on the second line of the iBus screens. Is this new? or has been been going on for a while and I just just haven't been very observant? This was on a Go Ahead 231 in North London, an Enviro 400.
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    TFL Staff card question

    Hello My partner just started working for a London bus operator and got her staff oyster card today. We however live in Grays, which is out outside the oyster 1-9 zones system so we assume her pass won't let her out as Grays is like Watford junction and it's own lettered zone. What's...
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    Games 1-9 travelcard

    Can someone confirm if you can or cannot use one to travel from fenchurch street to grays? Sent from my SK17i using Tapatalk 2
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    C2C Season Tickets

    I'm moving soon and may need to commute from grays to London. I was looking at the C2C website at season tickets and found this price page. Is it possible to get a young persons / 16-25...
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    Southeastern Off Peak Question

    Hello I have a YP Off Peak return from Stafford to Folkestone Central. I know with virgin I can use this off peak ticket on PEAK Virgin services due to having a rail card... What about on southeastern? What's the earlier time I can leave Folkestone Central? Would I be allowed on the...
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    XC Voyager vs Parachute

    Hmmmmm so apprently my already delayed voyager (1544 from SOT but left at 1603) has just hit a parachute not far out of Wolverhampton Station? Apprently its caught around the cab and Overhead wires... No mention of the person who owns said parachute tho. Anyone heard about anymore info on...