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    London-Portsmouth 1st Advance?

    Hi, I am having trouble finding any advance tickets from London to Portsmouth on the 17th December, returning the next day on the 18th. Ideally I would like a 1st Advance but I can't find any advance tickets on the this route, even looking well into next year. Any suggestions?
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    LM advance tickets on Easter Monday.

    Hi, I am having trouble finding any LM advance tickets from Northampton to Euston on Easter Monday. I can find loads on the way up from London on Saturday, and some for returning Sunday but nothing for Monday, all day. Is there something going on? I know advance tickets are subject to...
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    Aldwych Tours

    Hi, on Sunday I am going on one of the tours of Aldwych organised by the transport museum. Has anyone else been on one of these? Is it any good? Do you just see the bits abandoned in 1994 or do you get to see the older bits too? Thanks in advance for any info you may have.
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    Getting to Gatwick urgent help please!

    Hi later today my partner and I are off to Gatwick, can you help us find the best fare? I have a Freedom Pass and Disabled Railcard She has Network Railcard We live near New cross but can get to New Cross Gate easily on the bus. We will be returning on Saturday afternoon. The...
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    Disabled Rail card and Oyser question.

    Hi, can anyone help solve a problem for my sister? She has a Disable Rail card and a freedom pass. She lives near Hackney Downs stations and works near London Bridge. She has to leave well before 9.30am so has to purchase a single ticket from Hackney Downs to Liverpool street every day. It...
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    Stoke on Trent - Manchester (Day return)

    Hi, on Saturday I want to do a day return from Stoke-on-Trent to Manchester. I have a Disabled railcard. I have heard that certain standard tickets can be used for Virgin trains first class. Can anyone tell me what the cheapest qualifying ticket would be? I'm also registered blind and will...
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    Have XC increased prices recently?

    Hi. For the past 3 years XC have had pretty cheap 1st advance tickets from Stoke to various stations in Devon, costing around £30 each way. These were pretty easy to get with a bit of planning and flexibility. I last brought one to Tiverton in July. However, looking for the next few months...
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    Help re 50% Discout for blind people.

    I read in another thread that certain tickets were 50% reduced if you are blind and travelling with someone. Well I am so this is very interesting news to me. I am having trouble finding out which is the best ticket for a journey though. I want to go from Stoke on Trent to Manchester tomorrow...
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    What did I see at Stoke this moring?

    Hi, as I passed Stoke-on-Trent station on a bus this morning at about 09.20 a black loco and a short rake of BR blue/grey carriages left the station heading south. Does anyone have any details? What was the loco? I do not know if it stopped at stoke but it was not moving very fast when I saw...
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    Some splitting help please! Stoke to Blackpool

    Hi, I want to go from Stoke-on-Trent to Blackpool this weekend, leaving on Saturday morning and returning on the last train on Sunday. I have a disabled rail card. A return ticket is about £24 which seems a bit steep. Is it worth splitting anywhere for this journey? I am tied to coming back...
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    Stoke-on-Trent to Chesterfield help.

    I would like to go from Stoke-on-Trent to Chesterfield and return on Saturday for the roundhouse beer festival. The price seemed a little high but if I split my tickets at Derby this saves a bit, are there better ways to split this ticket? I have a disabled rail card if that makes a...
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    Spliting help for Northampton to Cardiff

    Hi, I need to get from Northampton to Cardiff on the 12th of Feb departing after 3pm. It seems that an advance ticket would be £33 and an off peak single is £53.30. Can anyone suggest ways of getting this down a bit, maybe by splitting? Thanks.
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    Can I choose the change point with AP tix?

    Hi, I hope this makes sense! I want to buy advance tickets from Exeter to Stoke-on-trent on a Sunday afternoon. At the time I want to travel there are no direct trains so I have to change. The XC website provides options with the change at Birmingham, however, the train up to Stoke goes...
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    What was wrong with my Voyager?

    Just before Christmas I took an XC Voyager from Birmingham to Exeter. It was during the bad weather (the 22nd of December). The train left brum a little late and seemed to be working OK. When we got to Bristol Temple Meads an announcement was made saying that the train had developed a fault...
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    Some urgent ticket help needed!

    Hi I have two train journeys to make tomorrow and I am having problems getting prices for both of them! I have a disabled persons rail card. Firstly the easy one. Stoke-On-Trent to Manchester Airport I need to be at the airport around 9am and I will be returning the next day around 1pm...
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    Stoke to Sheffield, is Stockport the place to split?

    Simple help needed from the experts! I have to go to Sheffield in the next few days, returning the same day. I have a Disabled rail card. By splitting at Stockport I can get a return for £14.60, is this the best deal? Seems pretty good to me but obviously cheaper is better! Thanks for your help.
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    Help with Stoke to Leeds...

    Hi, can anyone help me find the best price from Stoke On Trent to Leeds. I need to go one way tomorrow morning leaving at 0745 going via Manchester. My route and time are fixed but the best fair is £33, I have a disabled railcard. Is there a way to split this ticket to get a better price?