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    GWR 1C95 19 03 Paddington to Penzance 21/10 TM unavailable

    I have taken this train often and it can be very busy, especially during school holidays. Although you often see a few Reading passengers there are not that many, the train is often standing room only to Exeter. One of the reasons I find myself on this train is not only is it an off peak...
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    London-Portsmouth 1st Advance?

    Thank you all for your help and advice, I really would be lost with the experts on this site. Thanks again!
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    London-Portsmouth 1st Advance?

    Hi, I am having trouble finding any advance tickets from London to Portsmouth on the 17th December, returning the next day on the 18th. Ideally I would like a 1st Advance but I can't find any advance tickets on the this route, even looking well into next year. Any suggestions?
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    D&G Buy out BakerBus

    Do the blue mini buses still run around there? I used to live in Newcastle and was always pleased when a 31 arrived at Stoke station before a First 25.
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    Northampton Station

    Has the new station opened yet?
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    Emirates Air Line - usage by tourists

    Awww nuts, I live about 20m from the Greenwich border in Lewisham!
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    London Bridge reconstruction works

    I live near New Cross and Deptford and I am not looking forward to the chaos of the next few years. I also assumed that relieving the Borough market bottleneck was part of the plans. What will be the long term effect of the works, both for my own stations, and the greater SE network?
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    Borisbuses and paper tickets

    It is good to see the 453 becomes the 45free again soon, can't wait!
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    Trivia > stations with "hidden" (but working) platforms?

    Platform 2 at Exeter St. Davids is tucked away out of sight. I certainly remember trains leaving for Barnstaple from there in the past but don't know if it is ever used now. There used to be a siding with a sort of un-numbered platform behind platform 2. I remember an inspection coach being...
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    LM advance tickets on Easter Monday.

    Yes, I think they combine on to VT tickets. I was just wondering why there where no LM tickets.
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    LM advance tickets on Easter Monday.

    Hi, I am having trouble finding any LM advance tickets from Northampton to Euston on Easter Monday. I can find loads on the way up from London on Saturday, and some for returning Sunday but nothing for Monday, all day. Is there something going on? I know advance tickets are subject to...
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    Plymouth Bretonide Bus station redevelopment plans.

    What was this EU rule supposed to achieve? Or is it a case of Stagecoach trying to dodge some fee or something? Seems a shame the service is so bad, especially while the rail link is broken.
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    Plymouth Bretonide Bus station redevelopment plans.

    I used to live in Plymouth, I left 12 years ago. The bus station was a squalid mess back then, but I really liked it! I used to go and see punk bands in the cafe at night, oh dear I feel really old. As an aside from reading this thread I thought I may pay a visit to Plymouth next month...
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    Railway food

    A mate of mine and I looked very seriously into running a station cafe a few years ago. There was already a good cafe there but the man running it wanted to move on to other things. The main problem was that as new tenants we could not get more than a 12 month guaranteed lease. This meant...
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    Gatwick Express 1st Class

    Not much to add from me but the lounge is pretty good for a contract lounge. There are lots of different seating areas and some pretty good views of the runway. There is a nice little cinema area showing films and lots of comfy sofas. Yes the drinks are dispensed by bar staff but on my visit...
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    Trains during Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games

    I have had to book accommodation in Edinburgh for the games because the prices in Glasgow were crazy, so I'm hoping there will be some additional late night services.
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    Platform access - Radio 2 discussion 13:35 TODAY 9th December 2013

    I may be mistaken but I remember reading part of the rules for having barriers at stations was that they had to let someone through to assist an arriving or departing passenger, is this still the case? I have never been refused entry to meet somebody, I just ask at the gateline. I think I...
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    Aldwych Tours

    Thanks for the info, it was a very interesting tour. The volunteer guides were very good and knowledgeable, although the LTM staff were a bit of a pain because they were very keen to move people on, even if the guide was still talking! If they do them again I highly recommend doing it.
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    Aldwych Tours

    Hi, on Sunday I am going on one of the tours of Aldwych organised by the transport museum. Has anyone else been on one of these? Is it any good? Do you just see the bits abandoned in 1994 or do you get to see the older bits too? Thanks in advance for any info you may have.
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    Tube line that connects with all other lines

    I missed a point in a quiz because of this too, the quiz was at the London Transport Museum, guess we can forgive them as all they have is old maps!