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  1. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Preston Station Roof (Mon 13th Jan)

    Doesn’t sound good! A drive down the M6 for me this morning by the looks instead of sampling Avanti for the first time!
  2. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Not sure if there’s ever been a Thread for the TVL? A week into the new timetable and a few things I’ve noticed. The new 0544 off Carlisle is a welcome addition, into Newcastle for approximately 0730 is much appreciated, compared to well after 0800 on the 0632! The doubling of service from...
  3. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Scotrail/Northern Glasgow to Newcastle Services

    Via Carlisle. Are these going to continue after the next couple of Timetable changes, where Northern will be bringing Connect to the Tyne Valley Line? Am I right in these are a throwback to far simpler times, and merely migrated when privatisation came in? Surely can't be anyone who does the...
  4. ItsGrimUpNorth


    Hi, need to do this routing in a couple of weeks, is there any combination of ticket available to myself, apart from singles? I'll be travelling at approximately 0900 from Carlisle, and have no restrictions otherwise. Thanks in advance!
  5. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Reports of a fire at Carlisle Station

    Local media say evacuated and smoke spotted -
  6. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Tyne Valley Line Timetables - Dec17/Dec19

    Hi, Does anybody have a good detailed list of what the Timetable will be like on the Tyne Valley Line come the new Timetables of Dec 17 and Dec 19 - These being the two periods when 'big' changes are promised under the Arriva Franchise. I understand frequency will double along sections of...
  7. ItsGrimUpNorth

    North Lakes Railway

    With the huge success of the reopened Borders Railway (Surely the case for opening right through to Carlisle is stronger now?!), was having a good crack with a mate about the old Penrith-Keswick-Cockermouth railway, and potential for it ever reopening. Had a search on here, and found a good...
  8. ItsGrimUpNorth

    Carlisle to Truro in July

    Hi, looking at undetaking this journey in July (Out on 14th, back on 15th), any fare experts offer some good split points etc? There's 2 of us, with a 'Two Together' Railcard too. Don't want to have to fork out for the bog standard return fares if at all possible! Many thanks :D