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  1. gka472l

    M&S Food at stations

    Liverpool Lime Street's is still closed
  2. gka472l

    Stagecoach South West - Fleet News & Discussion

    I should add that it seems they are only loans and will return to Cambridge at some point (I'm hoping they will still be in Devon at the end of May when I'm down there!)
  3. gka472l

    Stagecoach South West - Fleet News & Discussion

    B5TL's 13812/3 are the ones which have appeared at Plymouth, there's been pics of one of them in Dartmouth today on test.....they *may* be for the Dartmouth park & ride from postings on one of the Stagecoach South West facebook groups....
  4. gka472l

    Will you & your family travel for leisure if masks are still mandatory?

    Yes, I will, travelled from the 'north' to the south coast last September for a two day stay, and will be off to Devon/Cornwall end of May, I guess the ones I have are reasonably comfortable for me personally....
  5. gka472l

    TRIVIA: Operators (other than LT) with bespoke vehicle designs

    Indeed, the 'AL' bodywork on Merseyside seemed to be unique, although other 'AL' variants were broadly similar, the 10 acquired with Southport Corporation were to the more common style. Slightly off topic but the first 60 (1236-1295) were actually a cancelled Midland Red order, and MPTE managed...
  6. gka472l

    TRIVIA: Operators (other than LT) with bespoke vehicle designs

    Liverpool Corporation's 380 Atlanteans with MCW bodies to it's own design (L500-L879), I think Bolton Corporation took a few similar ones too.....
  7. gka472l

    Can you take bikes on replacement buses?

    Back at the beginning of 2017 when the Birkenhead North/Central to Liverpool bit of the Merseyrail Wirral line was closed and a large fleet of new double deckers was provided by Arriva to replace the trains, an old Volvo B10B single decker was specially converted as a bike bus, ran on an hourly...
  8. gka472l

    Odd formations

    Whilst it wouldn't look out of the ordinary at first glance, there was a mixed 507/508 formation on Merseyrail quite a long way back....from memory using cars from 507023 & 508130. Also there was a 4 car 508 formation trialled on Merseyrail, back in the 1980's some time, although whether it was...
  9. gka472l

    Favourite municipal/PTE livery?

    I'm biased but Merseyside verona green/jonquil (before the brown was added) and the blue/cream Wirral division variation......
  10. gka472l

    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    195021 was on test this morning at Liverpool Lime Street.
  11. gka472l

    Stagecoach Group (General Discussion re Stagecoach buses, Megabus, MagicBus etc)

    New deliveries for 2021 E400MMC's 11556-11559 Stagecoach South East (for Canterbury park & ride) 11560-11565 Stagecoach East Scotland
  12. gka472l

    Stagecoach 2021 new vehicles....

    Feel free to list any new deliveries to Stagecoach during 2021.... E400MMC's 11556-11559 Stagecoach South East (for Canterbury park & ride) 11560-11565 Stagecoach East Scotland
  13. gka472l

    Trivia: Longest Double Decker bus routes in the UK

    Did the Island Coaster back in July 2019, Vectis Blue E400's seemed to be the normal allocation for the route. As for the open top routes, a couple of Presidents (1991/2) and four Scania's (1401-1403/1111) are used. HTH
  14. gka472l

    London Bus Map

    Similar to the bustimes map, I'd probably use this in conjunction with LVF, good work so far. 1615210234 Maybe the ability to search by fleetnumber, and as with bustimes, click on a route and it showing the location of the buses on that route....I think that's all I'd need if it's possible to...
  15. gka472l

    Stagecoach South West - Fleet News & Discussion

    There are a few pics on a couple of private Facebook groups (Stagecoach Enthusiasts and Stagecoach South West Enthusiasts), have to say that it looks spot on, they've done a cracking job on it.
  16. gka472l

    London Northwestern Class 730s

    Only one of them, that being 494002
  17. gka472l

    London Northwestern Class 730s

    Just been sent a pic by a work colleague of 730002 in Liverpool Lime Street a short while ago, test run earlier from Crewe LNWR and it's heading to Birmingham New Street at the moment HTH
  18. gka472l

    Borismaster: the future

    Me too, I think they're great buses to travel on, and they will become a design classic in my opinion.....they do the job they were designed for very well.
  19. gka472l

    Compulsory Reservations- Poll

    Unfortunately, pointing out that they should have booked a seat (and the usual 'ticket doesn't guarantee a seat') really doesn't placate said passenger(s).
  20. gka472l

    Compulsory Reservations- Poll

    Yes, as I'm front line TOC staff, I've had that complaint made to me numerous times over the years when far more people have tickets than there are seats available......