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  1. J

    Court date fast approaching(southeastern railway)

    Let's hope revenue protection aren't reading this.
  2. J

    New announcement at Marylebone

    Caught my usual train today from Marylebone and the automated message for the Birmingham train announced to change at Lemington Spa for services to Birmingham International, Coventry and Manchester piccadilly. This is a new one on me (even during wcml disruption)
  3. J

    22nd February - Roadmap out of the pandemic, lifting of restrictions.

    0% round here. My school is back tomorrow and others are back next Monday
  4. J

    Getting people back on trains as lockdown eases.

    I was thinking similar. I've been able to take my bike on peak time trains for the past year
  5. J

    22nd February - Roadmap out of the pandemic, lifting of restrictions.

    Is feeling a pair of breasts offensive to those who've lost people to breast cancer ?
  6. J

    Will you & your family travel for leisure if masks are still mandatory?

    I did 4 flights last summer all required a mask. As much as I hate masks, my enjoyment of days out and holidays outweighs my dislike of masks.
  7. J

    Getting people back on trains as lockdown eases.

    I commute on the train daily and have done throughout the pandemic. Prior to covid id also take the tube for the final part of my journey. I now refuse to use tfl services after they spent the best part of 6 months basically saying they didn't want any customers on the tube. I now cycle the 15km...
  8. J

    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    The problem is that if people do not go to the highstreet because they are put off by the restrictions then shops / government will assume people are put off because they're scared so will introduce even more restrictions
  9. J

    Getting people back on trains as lockdown eases.

    Get rid of the requirement to wear masks. Remove ridcilous one way systems in stations. Does the fact that they have to have staff enforcing the one way systems and that people don't follow them voluntary show what people think of them
  10. J

    Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99, has died

    I remember the hysteria when Diana died. The way people reacted was embarrassing. Radio 1 played slow songs all week. The shop I was working in at the time closed for the funeral so I missed the funeral as had a lay in
  11. J

    Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99, has died

    Will megan rock up to the funeral
  12. J

    Supermarket Update

    The address is posted in the comments on the YouTube video
  13. J

    Supermarket Update

    This video is doing the rounds today or 2 hysteric shop keepers in a Southend Nisa refusing service to someone not wearing a mask (Sorry don't know how to imbed video)
  14. J

    What Bits of Pandemic Life will you Continue with when all Restrictions are lifted?

    I'll continue to drink lots and I increased my running from about 20km a week to over 50km a week during lockdown so will continue that as have a target to run 2021km this calendar year.
  15. J

    Where will we be able to go Abroad restriction free from May 17th ? (Europe)

    Not only is it what restrictions the uk government impose on travellers, its what restrictions the destination countries require
  16. J

    Supermarket Update

    My local m&s has 3 entrances. 1 is locked, 1 is exit only and 1 is entry. To be fair every time I walk past the exit someone is exiting so I enter via this door. My local tesco had a queue a few months ago when there was some media coverage about covid restrictions in supermarkets. I filled...
  17. J

    Booking for Museums, Galleries, Recycling Centres etc

    One thing I do not like about booking ahead is that the details are probably used for track and trace. I do not give real details for t&t
  18. J

    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Dan wootton is now in the daily mail. Some of his covid views (which i agree with) are different to the main press narrative. Is that why he left the sun ?
  19. J

    What travel restrictions change from the 29th March?

    I would of told the person where to go.