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  1. Greenback

    Rugby Union

    I'm enjoying the Gallagher much more than the Pro14 this season, though I suspect some of that is just because there are more games available to me to watch given the TV services we use :) Some of it is also no doubt due to the Scarlets struggling a bit this season. Anyway, both my wife and I...
  2. Greenback

    MG11 issued, please help

    It's not against the law to go to London with only £20 in your pocket and no other means of payment. I'm sure people do it all the time. The point is, though, that such a scenario could possibly lead to problems should things go wrong with your day, as you have no unfortunately discovered...
  3. Greenback

    Have fares for ALRs , other Rover tickets ,etc gone up today 2/1/2019 ?

    There should be relaxations on routes with sparse timetables, especially if travelling against the main traffic flow.
  4. Greenback

    Northern: North West Sunday Crew Shortages

    I agree with you there, scrapy. There are other practical considerations involved with Sunday rostering. Bringing Sundays inside the working week is not a magical cure for all the problems that exist at the moment. I reckon it will help, though. As I see things from my chair in my house, Arriva...
  5. Greenback

    Central / Heart of Wales Line - historical

    I haven't done a trip on the HoW since the first half of 2017, bu the trees were certainly getting in the way of the views back then. I don't necessarily want them all chopped down, but cutting them back a bit would be nice.
  6. Greenback

    Station name suffix

    I always thought that the Exchange suffix referred o he ability to change between routes, as in I'm exchanging one train for another! It seems appropriate for Wrexham, at least, but I'm not sure about the others :)
  7. Greenback

    BBC reporting on Northern Rail's Preston to Ormskirk line

    I saw the report and was intrigued by the Blackpool South references. The reporting of these kinds of issues are not fantastic across the media in general, but as has been said it doesn't deflect from the fact that Northern are just not good enough at what they are supposed to be doing.
  8. Greenback

    All the trimmings?

    We went to a local cafe yesterday. They don't advertise 'all the trimmings', but they do list what you're going to get. The trimmings we had were cranberry sauce, and 5 pigs in blankets, along with 9 sprouts and what seemed to be a serving dish of carrots. Then there were 5 roasties and a big...
  9. Greenback

    Best place to buy tickets?

    I don't care about Nectar points or other similar schemes. I used to collect Red Spotted Hanky points but they weren't of any great value to me. I now just look for train company sites where there's no fee for postal delivery, I buy at the ticket office, or I collect the tickets from the TVM...
  10. Greenback

    Season ticket renewal plus free days causes issues

    When I used the old APTIS machines, I don't think it was possible to issue a season for a duration longer than 12 months. I wish I could remember what we used to do when there were void days on an annual season. I think we used to deduct the daily rate in addition to any 5% or 10% discount...
  11. Greenback

    TFW Prosecution- Second letter

    I agree with what Fawkes Cat said about the consequences of a successful prosecution. I used to work in (non railway) recruitment and it was always a managerial decision when it came to anything revealed on a DBS check. Most are very happy if an applicant has been honest on their application...
  12. Greenback

    Northern TVMs not set up to issue 'Promise to Pay'?

    I have never heard of P2P before, and I have to say that everything I've read make sit all sound pretty dubious to me. I can't see how anything to do with this scheme would be enforceable in a court of law myself, but it would be very interesting to see a test case brought (as long as I'm not...
  13. Greenback

    Travelling without a ticket

    It's likely to be impossible to predict what's going to happen in regards to court action. It will depend on what happened, and how TIL view your response to their letter - and your offer of financial restitution.
  14. Greenback

    Sky presenter brands Virgin Trains a 'national disgrace'

    Walk up, unrestricted long distance fares have been far too high for some time. I've been saying for years that the differences between the cheaper Advance fares and an Anytime Single or Return are just too wide. Why this is was touched on at the start of the thread. It's because the train...
  15. Greenback

    Should the Wales and Borders franchise be branded differently e.g. 'Wales & Borders'?

    I can fully understand why the Transport for Wales name is inappropriate when the franchise operates so many routes and track miles outside of the principality. I don't think it reflects particularly well on the Welsh government, as it's bound to lead to people saying that the franchise is far...
  16. Greenback

    Image of person walking along a railway track: overreaction or sensible?

    Humour, particularly satire, is very subjective. You'll often find that for every person roaring with laughter at this type of joke, there will be at least one who is outraged. Sometimes I'm in one camp, sometimes the other. Whichever it is, it's really not worth my time going public with my...
  17. Greenback

    Should Railcard T&Cs be harmonised?

    I can just remember railcards coming in. The intention was to offer cheaper fares at off peak times to help fill the trains and bring in additional revenue for the cash strapped BR which had to have a lot of rolling stock to handle the peak flows. I know that times have changed, but I don't...
  18. Greenback

    Greater Anglia "harmonisation" deal for drivers

    I agree with everything you said!
  19. Greenback

    Greater Anglia "harmonisation" deal for drivers

    I definitely have no allegiance to any religion. Sundays are not a matter of religion for me, but I understand why some employees across a number of industries like to have one specific day a week off so that they know that they can be with their families or plan social activities with others...
  20. Greenback

    Uniform policy and political badges

    In my working life I never saw any need to wear any kind of badge other than those that were required by my employers, eg a name badge. I don't think that causes, campaigns of any sort are an appropriate thing to display on uniform or business clothes, even poppies. I never wanted to invite...