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    Trivia: most underwhelming end to a main route?

    Here I am talking specifically about what one might consider a 'main line' i.e. a key route, with several tributaries, with a definitive start and end. This is very subjective so various different interpretations of this are welcome. Several of these main routes have quite pleasant, or at...
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    Unusual 'doorstops' on Mk3 EMU doors?

    I believe they only exist on classes 455 and 317, and the (delightfully funky) class 210 units had them too. No other sliding door stock built around that time, including the PEPs, have them. I call them doorstops because they look like doorstops but they don't seem to serve any actual purpose...
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    Gatwick works service reductions

    What are the service changes during the Gatwick Airport station upgrade period? Is there any re-jigging of mainline service patterns or will it just be that a few services are cut and everything else is left as is?
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    Met Line fasts

    I'm aware they have been peak-only for a long time now, but my question is do they still exist at this time? Once non-essential travel is allowed I am planning on trying out a few services I have never tried before, this being one of them, but I was wondering if they have been suspended during...
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    What is the ownership status of the Crossrail core stations?

    Moderator note: split from Are these counted as separate stations then? I suppose it does make sense sort of.
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    Any (Southern) fast 455 diagrams left?

    It used to be not uncommon to see 455's working more mainline/express outer suburban diagrams, such as London Bridge to Tattenham Corner and London Victoria to Horsham. Now these services are 377 operated. There was at one point some fast 455 workings into Victoria during the peak hours, my...
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    1995 stock additional trainsets?

    I remember reading about additional 1995 stock trains being ordered for the Northern Line extension, but I cannot find any recent discussion of this, now that the time of opening is (hopefully) drawing nearer. Are these still yet to be built? Have they already been built and are in service but...
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    Reduced tram speed limits

    It appears that some tram systems in the UK have been 'slowed down' from 80 km/h to 70 km/h, Croydon and Nottingham for example. I understand that half the Nottingham trams can only do 70 anyway, but is this all due to the Croydon derailment? It seems like a juvenile knee-jerk reaction to me...
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    This might need moving, since I suppose it's not technically to do with any railway that has existed. Thanks to Beeching there are several decent-sized towns (Gosport, Cirencester, Ripon etc.) that no longer have a connection to the network. But I have been wondering what towns are there that...
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    Speed of trains between stations

    Wasn't really sure where to put this, although it is something less technical and more to do with passenger experience I suppose? For me, the speed at which trains travel can have a big effect on my satisfaction with the journey being taken. One example would be the TfL Rail/GWR suburban...
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    Best place for Pacers?

    Strangely enough I find myself in the predicament (luxury?) of having never been on a Pacer before. Since they will probably start disappearing soon, I have decided I will rectify that issue over the summer. Obviously there are loads of places where they operate. What I'm asking is where's the...
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    St James T&W Metro Station

    On the Wikipedia page for this station, it states the following: This made me curious but I know that wikipedia can be unreliable. Can anybody shed any light on this?
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    Old(ish) service patterns?

    I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the 'Allocations, Diagrams and Timetables' section, apologies if it needs to be moved. I've been looking in detail at the current service patterns of certain TOCs, and I was wondering if it was possible in any form to do the same for TOCs in the...
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    (Trivia?) Multiple Unit doors

    Are there any diesel or electric multiple units that feature sliding/plug doors that don't bend inward at the bottom? The only ones I can think of are the ex-LU ones (483's, 230's etc). Is there any particular reason why sliding doors bend inwards at the bottom?
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    Odd stopping patterns for late night/early morning services

    Can anyone provide an explanation as to why several services in the early hours have such odd (almost random) stopping patterns? For example, on my local TOC, Southern, has a service, the 2L00 Victoria to East Grinstead train, that has a very bizarre stopping pattern. It calls at Battersea...
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    Next units to go?

    This probably isn't that worthy of a completely new thread, but does anyone know what the next fleet of mainline trains to be withdrawn for good (and sent to scrap?) will be?
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    Class 460 interior

    Probably not a need for a full thread, but this video: JsRwXer77GY shows a full interior walkthrough for the class 460. However at the beginning the video starts at the DMFL end, where a short section of what appears to be 2+3 bench-style seating...
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    First Class

    This is my first thread so please let me know if there is anything wrong. I set this up because I thought it would be an interesting discussion to find out if first class is really worth it on some trains. I'm not normally a frequent first class traveler but I think this is interesting to...