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  1. spionkop64

    Class 155: Opinions

    Didn't WY Metro buy 155s instead of 150s? Yes, they were staple on Hull-Scarborough run, but, as perviously mentioned, since the timetable change, service has been extended to Sheffield-Hull-Scarborough and it is 170s and 158s. Was on one of the Halifax-Hull services last week, that was a 170...
  2. spionkop64

    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Thanks for the info. Wasn't the engine planned to be at the Liverpool end of the set? Would it be outside the canopy in that scenario? Of course, it can't be guaranteed that the sets will always be in that formation, but it would be preferable if they can use platform 3. In rain it's...
  3. spionkop64

    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Apologies if I've missed it, but is there a gauging issue with platform 3 at Scarborough? The new sets always appear to be in platforms 1/2.
  4. spionkop64

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    The 'Scratty dump' has the fourth largest manufacturing base in Britain and is a city of 500,000.
  5. spionkop64

    Leeds Station Improvement

    One issue with Leeds station is that the WY rail network, particularly since the 1980s, has been developed with Leeds as its hub. Meaning that virtually any journey has to be via Leeds. There might be potential for one train an hour between York and Huddersfield (and v.v.) running via Church...
  6. spionkop64

    £6 million refurbishment for Scarborough Bridge in York

    Will the track over the bridge be re-doubled as a result?
  7. spionkop64

    More trains in Blackburn to Hellifield route

    As the 322s have just replaced the residual DMU diagrams on the triangle I don't think there would be much support for bringing back the DMUs. I know this might be controversial (and again I know this has been discussed before) but would the Little North Western be better served by a DMU...
  8. spionkop64

    More trains in Blackburn to Hellifield route

    If there was enough scope in either the existing diagrams, or by way of a rejig, to allow the existing units and train crews to be able to get to Hellifield (and then RR at Settle Jn) the minor benefit would be joining two parts of the Northern network. As a former resident of Hellifield (and...
  9. spionkop64

    GC HST to BDI

    Oh dear that was a bit of a schoolboy error, must put my glasses on next time!
  10. spionkop64

    Who has traveled with Grand Central between Bradford and London?

    Now that their early teething problems are hopefully behind them on the Bradford route GC are excellent. Trains are clean and staff friendly. I always feel more relaxed on GC than EC and I think that is down to the staff. The only downsides are the journey time due to the route via Pontefract...
  11. spionkop64

    GC HST to BDI

    Grand Central ran one of its HST sets on 1D71 10.48 KCX-BDI and 1A67 15.37 BDI-KCX. This was to enable platform gauging to be undertaken en route during the booked platform dwell times. 43467 and 43465 were the powercars, everything appears to have passed smoothly. Wonder what implications it...
  12. spionkop64

    Northern Franchise Extension granted

    Northern do a good job with the most clapped out train fleet in the developed world. However, the sheer grubbiness of some of their trains is unforgiveable. I know it's a no-growth franchise, but it doesn't excuse the lack of care shown to a not insignificant proportion of their fleet. Still...
  13. spionkop64

    GC very odd new service

    Grand Central are seeking to add a fourth train on their West Riding route, but the path is rather strange to say the least: Mirfield, Brighouse, Halifax, Bradford Interchange, New Pudsey, Leeds, Garforth, Doncaster, King's Cross. Given that the West Riding service is now established I was...
  14. spionkop64

    Airedale services

    Baildon is is Airedale, but is served by the Wharfdale BDQ-Ilk services. Best not mention Caldervale, a concept I've never got my head around (answers on a postcard).
  15. spionkop64

    Standedge Tunnel

    There are two binliners: one to Northenden, the other to Salford. The latter can easily run via the Calder Valley (and really should, but instead messes about in Marsden loop and then turns across the TPE mainline after Stalybridge). Freightliner trains cannot use the Calder Valley due to...
  16. spionkop64

    Strangest Diversion

    Very short, but odd for the passengers diversion at Shipley in 1988. Failed train blocking the then only main line (Leeds-Skipton) platform. Loco hauled Leeds-Carlisle arrives outside the station, after a conflab with the signalman, train runs into the Bradford-Ilkley platform (bi-di running had...
  17. spionkop64

    DB to buy Grand Central

    GC don't really have pathing issues on the TPE route, it is further south on ECML that drives their overall timings. The 15.37 ex BDI has really odd pathing and has to wait for NT stopping services at Greetland Jn and Wakefield Kirkgate. This isn't a dastardly plan, but is linked to the last...
  18. spionkop64

    DB to buy Grand Central

    I very much doubt it. Bradford's population is around 500,000 (that's the metropolitan district, the city itself is around 400,000), then you have Halifax and Calderdale around the 100,000 mark and from December better connections to the Huddersfield area with the Mirfield stop. Loadings are...
  19. spionkop64

    Healey Mills News flash.

    Healey Mills is in Ossett, which is about three miles west of Wakefield. Allegedly the biggest marshalling yard in Europe when built in 1963. Built for mainly coal, but recent years had a lot of Trans-Pennine work as you are not far from Mirfield/Heaton Lodge where the TP route splits for Diggle...
  20. spionkop64

    Grand Central Fare Changes.

    The GC offers on the West Riding route appear to have paid dividends. Throughout this weekend all the Bradford services have been well loaded, some even execptionally busy with few if any seats available. It is notable that EC have taken lots of bus adverts out in the Bradford area highlighting...