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  1. NorthWestRover

    Famous people on trains

    Dermot O'Leary a few years back. First class late evening Euston to Liverpool train. Don't think my daughters have yet forgiven me for not getting selfie with him lol. I was a fellow passenger.
  2. NorthWestRover

    Roebucking Revisited (trip reports)

    Cheers. Useful to know.
  3. NorthWestRover

    Rail Rovers and Rangers- all missing from National Rail Enquiries website?

    Not been able to buy NW Rover online for at least the past couple of years.
  4. NorthWestRover

    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    They might ask if you walked out with all the passengers from the Avanti.
  5. NorthWestRover

    Roebucking Revisited (trip reports)

    What ticket did you use or are you Priv?
  6. NorthWestRover

    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    I think the bigger risk would be RPIs at either Bank Quay or North Western than getting gripped on the train.
  7. NorthWestRover

    Roebucking Revisited (trip reports)

    I like that he had 66 029 for haulage...
  8. NorthWestRover

    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    Thanks, you confirmed what I suspected. I thought I'd seen it written somewhere that it was explicitly excluded, but couldn't find it. I could see on the map it didn't appear to be allowed.
  9. NorthWestRover

    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    Is the GM Wayfarer valid on Avanti from Wigan NW to Warrington BQ?
  10. NorthWestRover

    Why are so many trains in a mostly white livery these days?

    I'd agree with TPE being the best of those I know well. It looks good on the 185s and on the Nova fleets. I think the Pendelinos look really good now - sleek which is good for the type of train they are. Better than they did with Virgin (and I quite liked that too).
  11. NorthWestRover

    Who else managed their first leisure journey today?

    First leisure trip today and first time using Northern's excellent Explorer 55 Day Ranger (£15.90). Day trip to Ulverston. Took the 08.18 from Wigan NW (195 131). Fairly quiet throughout. Spent four and a half hours in Ulverston. Wandered thru town to Ford Park and then up Hoad Hill to the...
  12. NorthWestRover

    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    What a disaster. I love this levelling up agenda.
  13. NorthWestRover

    Planned / Booked Trips 2021

    Think I'm doing a trip to Ulverston. Straight there on whatever 195 turns up, bit of touristy stuff, then wend my way back home via a few required units taking slight diversions if necessary.
  14. NorthWestRover

    Rail enthusiast lingo

    Adolescent fun. But not justifiable in the real world.
  15. NorthWestRover

    Rail enthusiast lingo

    I think I've probably done that. Not at Newcastle.
  16. NorthWestRover

    323s vs 331s on Northern

    What are the Hadfield and Glossop nowadays?
  17. NorthWestRover

    First memories of a London terminus?

    I can't remember my first one, but late 70s I always loved Liverpool Street. It was pretty much a dump, but for spotting for someone from the North West, it was a real treasure trove. Everything would be a cop.
  18. NorthWestRover

    Rail enthusiast lingo

    Oh my, I'd totally forgotten about Goldies. I'll have nightmares now.