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  1. NorthWestRover

    GM Wayfarer - Wigan to Warrington

    Is the GM Wayfarer valid on Avanti from Wigan NW to Warrington BQ?
  2. NorthWestRover

    Cumbria to Manchester services

    When did they change to going via Bolton rather than Wigan? And does anyone know why?
  3. NorthWestRover

    Northern Complimentary Travel Pass

    I have a Northern Complimentary Travel Pass for a return ticket. I have to complete the From and To boxes and the outward date and return date. I assume from having separate boxes for the dates, that I can travel outward on one date and return on another? Can I break my journey on both...
  4. NorthWestRover

    Student travel in London

    My daughter (over 18) is starting at college in London in September (fingers crossed). It looks likely she'll be living in Kentish Town (zone 2) and travelling into Central London, probably 5 days a week. My look at the Tfl website seems to suggest the student travel card is best value...
  5. NorthWestRover

    Wigan to Padgate

    Can you go via Warrington and walk from one station to the other or go via Manchester? Are both routes valid? Presumably both Wigan stations are ok if going via Manchester? Off peak day return seems to be £8.50 either route.
  6. NorthWestRover

    Oldest class still in regular service

    The full class (or near as), I mean. Would it be the Merseyrail Electrics? Or something around Glasgow?
  7. NorthWestRover

    "Signing" routes and motive power

    I joined this forum over the summer, having been away from viewing trains as a hobby for over 30 years. I keep reading on threads that "Crewe drivers are not signed to XYZ route", "Piccadilly crews are not signed to work Class xxx", "Northern crews are not signed to work beyond Sheffield" etc...
  8. NorthWestRover

    Derby to Crewe EMT services

    What units operate the above service?
  9. NorthWestRover

    Buying West Midlands Day Ranger out of region

    Is that possible? E.g. at Warrington Bank Quay, either in person or using a ticket machine. And in advance?
  10. NorthWestRover

    HST Travel on a West Midlands Day Ranger

    Are there any HST diagrams on a Saturday that you can travel on within the validity of a West Midlands Day Ranger? Cheers G
  11. NorthWestRover

    NorthWestRover's trip reports: Will it be the same?

    After 30 years away from doing moves on trains, I'm buying a 7 day North West Rover to start 1st September (a challenge given the strike) and will post my moves on here to motivate me and for anyone to comment on. Will be interesting to see what emotions get stirred. Gonna do some routes I've...